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Makin’ your own Lacin’ Cards

So, the boys have been watching me stitch from time to time. The other day, Monkey takes the shoe strings out of his shoe (while we were in the car) and starts “stitching” them together with his “needle” (the lace).

When we got home, he wanted to get his other shoes and his brother’s shoes and do the same to them. This was not going to work, so I knew I had to figure out how to make some lacing cards. I found the tutorial here. In short, you just need some craft foam, scissors, a pen or pencil, a hole punch, markers if you want to decorate (I only had blue), shapes to trace (Microsoft clip art or kids’ coloring books work well for this, though I did some on my own), shoelaces, and some time. Here are some of our results:

Homemade Lacing Cards

I would like to note: craft foam will tear. This has not been a problem for Monkey, who is 5 and took his time and care lacing the cards. However, for the almost-3-year-old Bear, who was skipping holes and forcing the string, some of the holes tore. I partially solved this by teaching Bear to “find the neighbor” to try to keep him from skipping; I also, on his subsequent cards, spaced the holes further apart.

We’ve made more since this picture was taken. Add to our tally some T-rexes, sail boats, a gecko, turtles, and hot air balloons. We have a large car trip coming up (VACATION!), so I am hoping this will keep the boys occupied.