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Great Idea Thursday: Doodle Embroidery

Ya’ll, it’s amazing what you can do with a little creativity. As much as I love my cotton fabric, Julia Livi proves you don’t have to restrict yourself to it:

By JuJuLivi

Julia did this work on the cover of a magazine! Straight through the paper!

Julia’s a die-hard Mad Men fan (me too!) and is fascinated by Betty. She says:

Betty is fascinating to me because she represents a woman’s quest for identity and purpose in life. She is so flawed. I find January Jones so amazing, I believe her more than any other actor, which says a lot considering how breathtaking everyone is on the show.

On my way home from a concert, I forgot my iphone so I bought the magazine with Betty Draper on the cover. The article about her kept me entertained while waiting for the train and on the ride home. I was surprised to read about January Jones, she’s the opposite of Betty, free and self spoken.

Regarding technique, Julia doodled with her thread, using all the leftover thread she had, and avoiding complicated stitches. Julia says the doodles at the end were “just for kicks”.

I picked a heart, key and bird cage because I think it reflects Betty’s struggle. I have no technique, I use what I have around and I have fun.

Julia blogs at From the Same Cloth, where she blogs about embroidery (her own, as well as its history and practice – fascinating stuff), her art, and teaching at Rikers Island.

She also sells pieces at her etsy shop, JuJu Livi (this embroidered tee is gorgeous!)

There’s more photos of this project, and another doodle of Zooey Deschanel, here at Julia’s flickr.