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Framing in the Hoop

I finally got around to framing my floral sampler in the hoop. I love plain wood hoops for framing – they’re really inexpensive, and you can just embroider in your hoop and never really take it out! Great framing for the lazy, I guess….

I’ve seen discussion on the internet about the “right” way to frame. There are those that will tell you that it should always be under glass – there are some that will tell you that no, no, it shouldn’t…. Everyone’s got an opinion! My opinion – embroidery, like any other craft, is an artform, and I don’t think there’s any “right” or “wrong” way to do things. So if you want to frame in a hoop, frame in a hoop! I’ve used shadowboxes, standard frames, hoops, and even an art canvas…display your work like YOU think it should displayed.

OK, soapbox is tucked neatly away. Here’s how I go about framing in a hoop:

Get yourself some multi-purpose glue. Mine is Elmer’s, and actually mentions that it’s appropriate for fabric on the container. I have used Elmer’s school glue, and the glue doesn’t want to bind as well and it’s a lot more work, and we don’t want that so go with the multi-purpose.

Get your fabric in the hoop just how you want it, placed and tightened to your satisfaction. Now, get some good scissors (if you have sewing scissors, you want them) and carefully trim around – you’ll want to leave around an inch of fabric.

Now that your fabric is trimmed, it’s glue time. Very carefully place glue on the top portion of the back of your hoop (one section at a time) and – you’ll also want some kind of utensil for this, like a plastic knife – spread a light layer of glue all on the wood of that hoop. If possible, you want to keep it off your embroidered fabric (the part you’re framing). Once your section of glue is spread to your satisfaction, start pressing your fabric down. It will look like this:

Your hands might get a little sticky, but don’t worry about that. Just keep “pressing on” with your fabric, going all around the circle until it’s neat and adhered to that hoop. Here’s what it should look like:

Framing in the Hoop

I feel so exposed – you’ve seen the back of my embroidery!

Anyway, that’s all there is to it. And because there’s always more than one way to do things – go visit Bookworm Bethie. She also just posted about framing in the hoop, but does hers differently. The results look good, so go check it out.


WIP: Bookmarks

As mentioned previously, I’ve been wrapping up some projects. An overdue gift just needs to be mounted to be complete. And, for my two young cousins, I’ve got to stitch my embroidered works to felt for some cool little bookmarks. Here’s the first one I finished about two weeks ago:

Button Garden

The second was finished today: a reading dog. So cute, and a good excuse to use some fabric I’ve been looking to use for a while. I will post them both together when I have them in complete bookmark form.

Bogged Down

Sometimes I get bogged down in finishing a project.

The most recent one I have done is for a gift. And when it’s a gift, well – I don’t want to mess it up. Add to that the time and effort put into it, and you definitely don’t want to blow it on the finishing.

On this particular project, I finished the embroidery before we went to Panama City. Looked for a frame before we left, but found nothing I liked; thought “oh well, it will hold”.

Had an idea during the trip to mount it on an art canvas (I had a blank one anyway from a planned-yet-never-executed prior project). Brilliant! I think. Unfortunately, I discovered that I had cut too small a section of fabric, to fit the canvas…which meant stitching the original project onto a second piece of fabric.

Finally, after putting it off, THAT part is done. Now on to the actual mounting, which is a whole ‘nother issue.

Anyway, so explains the lack of pics and posts. I’m in finishing limbo. I have completed embroidery on a bookmark, and finally figured out the second one I will do – once they’re both stitched I’ll attach those to felt – gifts for my younger cousins.

Then I will FINALLY do this awesome badbird pattern. For me.

Tic Tac Toe

So, with this upcoming trip I am trying to think of everything I can take to keep my kiddos occupied in the car. And I decided to use a classic:

Tic Tac Toe

Monkey got so mad at me because he says it looks like he’s losing.

We have a lot of craft foam from the lacing project, and it dawned on me that I could embroider through those puppies – so I did. The boys had a total say in the floss colors. I pushed for the black background since we had a lot of that to use and it shows the lines and embroidery quite nicely. The space at the bottom was going to be cut off, but I am not entirely decided and might embroider a little something there, so for now at least the black space stays.

And why J’s and T’s? Well, Monkey can only have blue (so he says) and Bear only red (so he says), and Monkey was asking me which letter was “cooler” between X and O – so I decided on their initials, which will reduce X/O battles.

Makin’ your own Lacin’ Cards

So, the boys have been watching me stitch from time to time. The other day, Monkey takes the shoe strings out of his shoe (while we were in the car) and starts “stitching” them together with his “needle” (the lace).

When we got home, he wanted to get his other shoes and his brother’s shoes and do the same to them. This was not going to work, so I knew I had to figure out how to make some lacing cards. I found the tutorial here. In short, you just need some craft foam, scissors, a pen or pencil, a hole punch, markers if you want to decorate (I only had blue), shapes to trace (Microsoft clip art or kids’ coloring books work well for this, though I did some on my own), shoelaces, and some time. Here are some of our results:

Homemade Lacing Cards

I would like to note: craft foam will tear. This has not been a problem for Monkey, who is 5 and took his time and care lacing the cards. However, for the almost-3-year-old Bear, who was skipping holes and forcing the string, some of the holes tore. I partially solved this by teaching Bear to “find the neighbor” to try to keep him from skipping; I also, on his subsequent cards, spaced the holes further apart.

We’ve made more since this picture was taken. Add to our tally some T-rexes, sail boats, a gecko, turtles, and hot air balloons. We have a large car trip coming up (VACATION!), so I am hoping this will keep the boys occupied.

Happy Independence Day!

So whatever happened to those little stars?

I turned them into brooches:

'Lil Fireworks & USA

These were a lot of fun. Check my flickr for more – I made five total. These were a fun little project to do. I really let the fabric – my Meemaw’s quilt scraps mostly – dictate what I did with each. I think I like the ‘Lil Fireworks best, but today I will be wearing a little nautical one you will find in my flickr.

Enjoy the 4th!

Bird on My Old Pink Shirt – Result

I am “tickled pink” (get it?) with how this turned out:

Bird on a Shirt - Result

This was almost entirely made of excess thread from the previous kit projects. If I had a do-over, I would have gone a little thicker on the orange thread. I only used two strands, both to keep the feet and beak delicate and to conserve my orange thread. I could have used 3 strands and it would have covered the tracing a little better. I also would have left off the star/astericks which appear on the drawing, but there was no going back after they were traced on.

I’m wearing it today. Way to bring new life to an old shirt!