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Thank you…

I’ve gotten a lot of visits to this blog in response to my Floral Fabric Sampler – to those of you that have popped by to check it out – Thank You! I hope to see you again.

I’d like to thank the following who noticed my little sampler and shared it to the world:

Needlework News @ Craftgossip – I check this blog DAILY for links to free patterns, tutorials and just cool embroidery-related stuff in general. Thanks for featuring me again! also sections for sewing, knitting and many other crafts, so go check them out.

Wee Folk Art – I’ve mentioned Wee Folk Art here before, and they’re a great site. Loads of applique patterns available for free, and they make a lot of cool stuff with felt. Thanks for featuring me on facebook!

Living Crafts magazine also featured me on facebook! I was unfamiliar with this publication, but it looks like a great crafting magazine. Thanks!

And I was featured on Arte & Ricamo, an Italian blog. She blogs in Italian, English, and Spanish, and has lots of free patterns and tutorials available. Thanks!

I’m just floored that my little on-a-whim sampler has generated some interest, and I so appreciate that the above took the time to mention it on their blogs or facebook feeds. Thanks all!


What’s for Dinner this week?

Thought I’d share with you some recipe finds around the ‘net that I will be cooking up this week:

Spiced Cauliflower & Chickpeas – because I can’t make it to our favorite Indian restaurant as much as I’d like.

Lemony Lentil Soup – I love lentils, and I love my greens.

Pollo con Nopales – I haven’t had nopales since I lived in Mexico a decade ago, and have been looking for a way to use them.

Hot and Sour Soup with Shrimp – my husband loves hot and sour soup, and this looks delicious!

That Ain’t Right, but It’s Hilarious

I heard inklings a while back of Weezer performing in full-on Snuggies, but thought it was some sort of hipster parody. Then this was on my Google this morning:

This is legit. It’s even on their main site.

At least Rivers ditched the beard.

Shabby Apple Giveaway

While I was blog surfing I discovered this giveaway for a fantastic dress from Shabby Apple. I love dresses – if done right, to me they can be so comfortable, and yet so feminine. As a mom to two boys, I definitely understand the need to get in touch with my femininity! I’m crossing my fingers to win – hop on over to Grosgrain if you’d like a chance to win too!

Wanna win a cool vintage tee?

What does every cool southern gal (or dude, or baby) need? A cool vintage tee! Blonde Mom is hosting a giveaway – check it out!

Need a romantic getaway?

Want to win a romantic getaway? Visit to enter the Toad-To-Prince Contest! The contest is in coordination with the book Your Man is Wonderful, in which Dr. Noelle Nelson “helps women to evaluate their relationships and rediscover the prince that they once married.” To enter, you just pick one of Dr. Nelson’s suggestions (five are provided as part of the contest), put it into play for a week, and then share by email (written or video) what happened. You can win a $1000 travel voucher. We all need a vacation, right?

Important Issues

The economy is going down the tubes. So what should Congress tackle?

The BCS, of course.