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Vintage Monday is now Vintage Cool

Anyway that’s a regular reader here knows that Monday sometimes comes and goes without a Vintage Monday feature. Sometimes I guess I get a case of the Mondays on Awesome Avenue 😉

And this is a shame, because there are a lot of great posts in the pool – so I’ve decided to turn my flakiness into a positive, and without further ado.

Vintage Monday is now VINTAGE COOL.

Vintage isn’t just for Monday anymore, folks. And without further ado:

Thrifted vintage fabric

I’d love to try a sampler on that fabric but I don’t think I’d dare! It’s gorgeous. Thanks for sharing this, sewingobsessed!

More fabric spotted in the pool:

Love the yellow roses! Thanks, Morning By Morning2010!


Vintage Monday: Duck Pond

I just think that this lovingly-stitched duck pond is beautiful:

Duck pond

Thank you, Rachel Lazenby, for sharing your nana’s work!

Vintage Monday: In the Pool Today

I meant to blog for Vintage Monday yesterday, but it didn’t happen. I think I need to branch out beyond Monday.

Anyway, this popped into the pool today:

Bottom half

It’s a Smokey bedspread. You know, “Only you can prevent forest fires”.

Digital Misfit also posted some fabric details. I’m a sucker for birds, and just love this:


Thanks to Digital Misfit for sharing this one!

Vintage Monday: It’s My Blog and I can Post when I want to…

Sorry for the delay. Yesterday was just really busy, so I didn’t get to share this:

The Water Bug--Vintage Sheet Music Cover--Offbeat

Isn’t this funny? I play piano so this caught my eye – with vintage sheet music they sure paid a lot of attention to the cover, and this is just so fun.

Thanks to finsbry for sharing this!

Vintage Monday: Crewel Bird

We’ve had a lot of great submissions lately in the Vintage Monday pool. So many, that this week I’m featuring two:

Crewel Owl Needlework Picture - Vintage

I love owls, so you know I love this crewel little owl. Thanks to TipsyTimeMachine for submitting this one – she’s got a lot of great vintage goodies in her pool.

This one comes courtesy of The Woman in the Woods, who has contributed a lot of fun vintage greeting cards to the pool. This is one of my favorites, a West German card from the 50s:

1950s Greeting Card - West German

I inherited several vintage greeting cards from my grandmother, and this reminds me of something she might have owned.

I’ve been working squares all weekend, and hope to post my weekend’s work soon!

Vintage Monday: Choc-Ola Crate

Not only do I really like this crate, but I like how it’s being used:

Vintage Choc-Ola Crate

That’s a good use of some vintage – thanks for sharing, Olivia! We’ve had a lot of great additions to the Vintage Monday pool – go check it out!

Vintage Monday: Buttons, Glorious Buttons

Sometimes, I just like to gaze upon some buttons, particularly those of the vintage persuasion:

vintage red buttons

Ah, I feel refreshed. Thank you, andrea creates, for posting these to the Vintage Monday pool!