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Photo Recap

Yesterday, BHE and I celebrated 8 wonderful years of marriage.

Cupcakes were made in celebration, in addition to a wonderful meal of steak and roasted asparagus and red potatoes.

Anniversary Cupcakes

It’s OK to drool. I won’t tell anyone.

The vanilla cupcake is an OLD family recipe that, I’m sorry, I won’t share. The frosting is my mom’s chocolate frosting recipe.

My icing skills aren’t the best (see my buddy at Family Bites for that), but I think I do simplicity well. My tip for simple icing? Take a spoon, put a dollop in the middle of your cupcake, and carefully spread with the dull side of a butter knife. It’s not fancy, nor involved exceptional skill, but your cupcakes will look nice and neat.

In other news, my mom has a renewed vigor for sewing, and has taken up bag-making. Bow down to her sewing prowess:

The bag fits a ton – two cross stitch projects – one a decoy, the other I’m doing on the sly as a gift – and my knitting project:

WIP: My First Scarf

I got this Drop Stitch Scarf pattern off ravelry, and I’m really enjoying it.


Blogroll Housekeeping

My blogroll listing has been outdated for some time. I just overhauled my blogroll, and you might note that it’s gone – totally removed from the sidebar. I’ve instead added a new page – craft & food resources – you can find the link up at the top. It’s a little more organized, and a little easier to navigate. There you’ll find resources for food, embroidery & cross stitch, knitting, sewing, and general crafts. Enjoy!

Recently Sewn

The other day BHE asked when I last used my sewing machine. And the guilt, oh the guilt! I had such lofty goals – no Project Runway, mind you, but I had serious plans to become a sewing machine goddess.

But I busted it out yesterday and completed some projects. Witness:

I sewed burp clothes!

The intended recipient – newborn member of our extended family – will actually get the burpclothes before they’re too old to use them. Score one for me! This project was not without its errors, but I’m happy with the results.

And for me, a sweet little pillow:

Folk Art Flower Pillow

You might remember that folk art flower from a previous post on using waste canvas. I recently got new bedding for our bedroom, and that flower just fit perfectly. Please note that the blanket stitch around is handsewn, but this was largely decorative and was machine-sewn to ensure it was good and stitched-up.

I’m pretty happy with my amateur sewing endeavors.

Floral Sampler – Done!

Last weekend I finished my floral sampler, inspired largely by Hand Embroidery Network’s Stitch-A-Day series:

Floral Sampler - Done!

I am so pleased with how it came out! The pink french knots were last minute additions, added largely to help show my mother-in-law how to do a french knot.

If you haven’t checked out Stitch-A-Day yet on Hand Embroidery network, you really should. It’s really inspired me and broadened my hand embroidery skill set.

So, what inspires you?

Upcycled Sweater Bracelet

I tried this out this weekend. While it’s rough, and by no means perfect, I am pretty pleased with trying something new.

I felted a sweater – and old, wool, Gap sweater – a while back. I plan to make a bag out of it – try googling “Upcycled Sweater Tote” and you will find loads of tutorials. I wanted to try something small first. Then I remembered the “Lazy Lotus” tutorial from Sublime Stitching, and decided that would make a sweet little bracelet. So without further ado:

Lazy Lotus Upcycled Sweater Bracelet

WIP – Floral Sampler

I’ve been really inspired by Hand Embroidery Network’s “Stitch-a-Day” series, and after seeing this chain-stitched flower, I embarked upon creating my own floral sampler to try out some stitches – chain (which I have done before, though solely as filler), whipped backstitch (so pretty), and fern stitch (so easy). Here’s my efforts so far:

WIP - Floral Sampler

Stitchin’ with the Kids

So, I had been saving this project for a rainy day – and boy howdy, has it been rainy in Tennessee! So after school I decided to let my antsy boys try a hand at some stitchin’:

Stitchin' Away

This is a really easy project to do at home, and pretty inexpensive. You will need: burlap, which has nice holes for easier stitchin’ (ours was purchased at Hobby Lobby, and was available in many colors); plastic yarn needles (keepin’ it safe); and some yarn (I bought the kind that you will find around the plastic canvas, right around the cross stitch – it was around the needles so I felt it would hold up better for this. If you’re a knitter, you could probably use some scrap yarn).

I didn’t draw a pattern on this, though you easily could. My boys both had a great time, though my oldest – he’s 5 – took to it better. He quickly picked up on “catching the tail” and was a lot less apt to lose his thread. He made a house and apple tree without a pattern – pretty good for his first go!

Here are their results. I loved these so much, they’re going in wood hoops to be framed and hung in my kitchen.