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Mid-Week Music: Perro Amor

BHE and I like to watch telenovelas. Gracias, Telemundo, para este:

Mid-Week Music: I Nearly Lost You

I heard this last night on the radio and had to post it today. I remember hearing this in 1992, when I was 14 and starting to formulate my own opinions on music:

Fun to note for a younger early ’90s Letterman, holding up the CD longbox at the beginning of the clip. Letterman also feeds them at the end; back when Letterman was a little bit more wacky.

Mid-Week Music: The Dead Weather

I like seeing Jack White embracing a mild Beastie Boys side that we never knew about:

I ordered the CD from Amazon and hope some musical goodness arrives in the mail today! Have you discovered any good music (old or new) lately?

Mid-Week Music: It Might Get Loud

Last week BHE picked up It Might Get Loud from the local video & tanning (where more people tan than rent videos, of course). I love the southern small town invention that is the video and tanning. Who decided that this was a great business combination? But I digress. (Nevermind, he picked it up at Movie Gallery. It was Paranormal Activity that came from the video & tanning, where the lady was apparently surprised at the end that the film is fiction but then said “it could totally happen”.)

Anyway, I strongly recommend picking this flick up. We watched it twice before we took it back, and believe me we don’t typically re-watch movies. It’s just a very interesting look at the guitar, and three amazing guitarists and their approach to music. Massive music nerdness going on here.

So here’s a little taste of It Might Get Loud:

Mid-Week Music: Giant Steps

Love some Coltraine. BHE found this on youtube and shared it with me the other day. Enjoy.


Mid-Week Music: O Holy Night

Last week Bookworm Bethie commented that one of her favorite Christmas songs is to be “O Holy Night”. I think “O Holy Night” is one of the most beautiful Christmas songs, and it’s one that I really enjoy playing on the piano every year. My version, using an alternate title “Cantique de Noel”, comes from an old book, Christmas at the Piano, and is arranged by Eric Steiner. It’s a very nice version, very clean, with a nice wavelike feel in the bass/lefthand.

I found another arrangement on youtube, and it’s quite beautiful:

I thoroughly enjoy playing Christmas music on the piano (and now, as a percussionist in a community band too). It’s part of Christmas tradition for me. How about you? Do you like making music during the holidays?

Mid Week Music: Jingle Bells

We are in full Christmas swing here, and emphasis on “swing” because we all – my boys particularly – are hooked on The Brian Setzer Orchestra’s Christmas Rocks! album. My kids request this daily, and it HAS to be the Brian Setzer version – mama (yours truly, that is) on piano just won’t do:

They’ll be in Tennessee next week – at the Ryman in Nashville, and in Knoxville at the Tennessee Theatre. I’d love to see them – we looked into getting tickets – but it’s a school night, and I know from experience that late-night fun means a terrible morning experience. We will be catching a matinee of the Nutcracker this year.

What’s your favorite Christmas song?

Mid-Week Music: Getting the Kids Hooked on Classical

Instead of my standard intro + Youtube link, today’s mid-week music features a book review.

We bought Story of the Orchestra two weeks ago and my kids LOVE it. Especially my 5 year old Monkey.

The book includes a CD, and the book functions like a musical guided tour. First, chronologically through the composers – Vivaldi through Bernstein (I don’t agree with the omission of Chopin and Rimsky-Korsakov but am otherwise very happy). All but the most recent composers (perhaps due to publishing rights for Copland/Gershin/Berstein?) feature at least one song, and discuss the music they composed. Then you get to the instruments, and it goes through each instrument in the orchestra, and each instrument gets its own track on the CD.

This book has inspired Monkey to pick his own instrument – the violin. His favorite composer is now Vivaldi – a gifted violinist. We have an old violin that he “practices” at least once a day now.

So if you have a budding musician you want to inspire, I’d recommend picking up this book.

And now I have to find a jazz book – Monkey’s request.

Mid-Week Music: Take Five

So, we pulled this out for sight reading at practice last night, and it’s such a cool song. It’s in 5/4 time, and just has such a cool groove to it. My husband plays this on guitar all the time. It’s addictive. Enjoy.

Mid-Week Music – Gone Daddy Gone

So, I’m a percussionist in a community band. Meaning not the drummer. Meaning I can keep a good beat with the sleigh bells, or fill in with some suspended cymbal, and play some xylophone (though I am regaining skills in that respect).

Not a lot of your rock bands feature the xylophone. In my opinion, it’s quite underused. So for your listening enjoyment this Wednesday, I give you the Violent Femmes:

(Click “Violent Femmes” above; it’s the best I can do.)

Sidenote: BHE saw the Violent Femmes live back in our college days; said (lead singer) Gordon Gano’s eyes were freaky. I wish the video was more of a performance video, but beggers can’t be choosers when we’re talking about songs released in 1982, in the early morning of the video age.