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Even More Sharing the Gifting

Let’s wrap this up, shall we?

First off, a tea towel I did for my mom:


I had a very difficult time deciding on something for Mom, and when I saw this pattern I just fell in love. Hope she likes it.

I also gifted her this little cross-stitch; pattern here. I did not follow the pattern exactly – I used the colors I had on hand, and outlined in gold which came out fantastic!

Christmas Cardinal

An additional gift for my sister-in-law was this little brooch. I am SO proud of it. Who doesn’t love buttons?

Button Tree Brooch

For those of you curious about how I embroider on felt (I’ve had several questions): I trace my design onto tissue paper and pin it onto the felt, hoop the felt, and stitch away through the felt + tissue paper. On this particular piece, I removed the tissue paper once I had the outline of the tree done, and then just filled it in (all stem stitch on this one). So far, the tissue paper method “works” for me, though I’m sure there are other ways of doing it!

OK, I think that’s all for Christmas. Whew!


I am your bear. Grrr… (More Sharing the Gifting)

My brother and I have a joke about bears going back to Conan’s old days in the ’90s. I can’t remember the exact context or skit, and youtube isn’t helping me. I’m pretty sure it was a guy in a bear costume that said “I am your bear. Grrr…”. Anyway, lil’ bro and I took that and ran with it and would say it to one another at random times. Inside joke thing that’s probably not translating to “funny” on the blog. Anyway.

This small backstory just to highlight that when I saw a polar bear picture in my boys’ Planet Earth coloring book, I just had to make my little brother an ornament. I think this little bear is pretty cute. Sorry for the picture being slightly fuzzy.

I am your Bear. Grrr...

Anyone else out there ever turn to coloring books for embroidery patterns? I might have to stitch up some Star Wars goodness soon and my boys have 3 coloring books full of possibilities.

Pjotr for Christmas

Do you subscribe to the Follow the White Bunny newsletter? If you don’t, then you should – as a subscriber, I got this wonderful freebie pattern of Pjotr in Paris, and stitched it up for my brother’s girlfriend this Christmas:

Pjotr in Paris

I stitched this on felt and turned it into a door hanger/lavender sachet. I was inspired by dream pillows over at GardenMama but, as bro’s GF has dogs that could be tempted to chew something with a scent, I thought it would be safe from harm if it was given a nice little hanger.

I loved using lavender, which I purchased on ebay. Next year I hope to grow my own. The lavender made everything in my Christmas-stitchin’ stash smell wonderful!

Merry Christmas!

We’re going to be busy with holiday merriment, so I won’t be blogging for the rest of this week. I wish you a merry Christmas or, if you’re not into Christmas, hope you’re enjoying the winter holiday. And I leave you with this little poinsettia I finished up yesterday:

Poinsettia Ornament

A Snowflake for the Teacher

Snowflake for the Teacher

Is it still common to give Christmas gifts to teachers? I remember doing that during my childhood, but so much has changed since then. However, we decided to give Monkey’s teacher a Christmas gift. She’s a wonderful teacher – it’s her first year teaching, but he’s having so much fun in kindergarten and learning so much. I’m so thankful that he had a great teacher starting out – it’s so important to have a good start since he will be in the education system for quite a long time.

Anyway, I asked Monkey if he wanted me to stitch an ornament. He said yes, and agreed on a snowflake (so quick to stitch, very important since his last day of school before break is Friday!). He picked the colors, and wanted a star for the middle. I’m very happy with the results, so happy in fact that I probably have not stitched my last snowflake…

Great Idea Thursday: Make an Advent Calender

I don’t have time for it this year, but I’m so making an advent calender in advance for Christmas 2010. I wish I could do it now – there are so many good ideas floating around, so I’m going to link to several for your crafting pleasure:

Barefoot Shepherdess uses a nice garland treatment that’s especially good for young ones. Here’s a second pic of this project.

Wild Olive is offering some teeny-tiny freebies to make your own Advent ornaments. These would be a pretty quick stitch.

Roxy Creations provides a traditional presentation that has some really cool details. Click here.

If you have a lot of matchboxes lying around, here’s a great way to upcycle them.

That’s what I could find at the moment. Are you making an advent calender? I’d love to see it! Comment below!

Done over the Weekend: I’m Hooked on Ornaments

I have been trying to keep myself from going overboard on Christmas ornaments. They can make a quick, easy project. In fact, I might keep craftin’ on ornaments throughout the year whenever I need a quick project – I’d love to do a bird series, for instance. Anyway…

My sister-in-law reminded me that we were invited to an ornament swap in a couple of weeks, and I (of course) wanted to make my own. I finally settled on my own design, and opted for simple and elegant:

Noel Ornament - Detail

I am not fond of working with the metallic thread, but that gold metallic makes a difference, doesn’t it? I mean, if you can’t go all-out on Christmas ornaments, really, when can you?

Are you busy craftin’ for Christmas?