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State of the Blog Address

So if you’ve stuck with this blog you’ve probably noticed an absence.

It wasn’t intentional, really. But worked picked up, school started for both my boys, soccer season went on all fall, and in my free time I’ve been reading, knitting, stitching, and involved with community band. And now ’tis the season for merriment, family, and friends. All is well – very well. But…

This really doesn’t leave any time to blog.

I’m not shutting her down, but let’s face it – there are only so many hours in the day, and blogging is pretty low on the totem pole.

So I might be back. I might not.

Blogroll Housekeeping

My blogroll listing has been outdated for some time. I just overhauled my blogroll, and you might note that it’s gone – totally removed from the sidebar. I’ve instead added a new page – craft & food resources – you can find the link up at the top. It’s a little more organized, and a little easier to navigate. There you’ll find resources for food, embroidery & cross stitch, knitting, sewing, and general crafts. Enjoy!

Thank you…

I’ve gotten a lot of visits to this blog in response to my Floral Fabric Sampler – to those of you that have popped by to check it out – Thank You! I hope to see you again.

I’d like to thank the following who noticed my little sampler and shared it to the world:

Needlework News @ Craftgossip – I check this blog DAILY for links to free patterns, tutorials and just cool embroidery-related stuff in general. Thanks for featuring me again! also sections for sewing, knitting and many other crafts, so go check them out.

Wee Folk Art – I’ve mentioned Wee Folk Art here before, and they’re a great site. Loads of applique patterns available for free, and they make a lot of cool stuff with felt. Thanks for featuring me on facebook!

Living Crafts magazine also featured me on facebook! I was unfamiliar with this publication, but it looks like a great crafting magazine. Thanks!

And I was featured on Arte & Ricamo, an Italian blog. She blogs in Italian, English, and Spanish, and has lots of free patterns and tutorials available. Thanks!

I’m just floored that my little on-a-whim sampler has generated some interest, and I so appreciate that the above took the time to mention it on their blogs or facebook feeds. Thanks all!

Merry Christmas!

We’re going to be busy with holiday merriment, so I won’t be blogging for the rest of this week. I wish you a merry Christmas or, if you’re not into Christmas, hope you’re enjoying the winter holiday. And I leave you with this little poinsettia I finished up yesterday:

Poinsettia Ornament

All You Need is Love…but not this week…

Sorry folks, but due to work obligations I’ve got to postpone Vintage Monday and Blog Love Tuesday. A gal’s gotta get paid!

Great Idea Thursday just might have a vintage tone to it…so stay tuned.

These features will return next week. Please, if you haven’t already, please go and join the Vintage Monday flickr group and post your vintage embroidery, linen, decor, art, etc… goodness! I’d love to feature them here on this blog!

Fun with Search Terms

Just for kicks, these are how people have run across this lil’ old blog over the last two days:

  • Speed Racer Cake (all variants of this term) – 49. My pic of the cake on flickr has over 1,200 views. MADNESS!
  • “green cleaning” “kitchen floor” – vinegar, my friends. So cheap, so non-toxic.
  • crested gecko looking straight at light – can’t help you there. The gecko’s nocturnal though, so that’s gotta seriously mess with his head. We just leave the heat pad on at night, and use the lamp during the day when he’s hiding and sleeping.
  • how do avenue clothes fit? – I don’t know, how do they fit?
  • religious wrapping paper – I haven’t found any, but you might want to consult Texas in Africa who seems to have vast knowledge of religious novelty items.
  • free piano sheet music bizmarkie – flippin’ awesome, my friend.
  • teaching preschoolers about nadab and abihu – I get this from time to time. Best of luck, dear googler. Which reminds me, they’re recruiting Sunday School teachers for the next year at my church, and my poor sister-in-law STILL has not recovered from teaching preschoolers two quarters in a row. As for myself, I think I am ready to assist in a class with older kids – no more teaching my boys!
  • feeling good about myself – you go, googler!

Speed Racer Cake Friends

I’m getting a ton (well, for me) of hits from those googling “speed racer cake” or variant as a search term. Hello, all. If you decide to make the speed racer cake and do happen to come back to my little home here, could you let me know how it worked out? And if you became a regular reader here, feel free to say howdy!

New Banner Attempted, Failed

I tried creating a new banner for this little site. It’s quite nice ; wanna see?


Anyway, I’ve tried loading it several times; I’m not getting an error message but when it gets to “crop header” there’s nothin’ to crop. Tried and tried. I did a lot of pasting and obviously added the text but I don’t see why it would matter – it’s still a JPEG.

Any tech-savvy folks out there know what the problem is?

Welcome, 2008…

Who’s reading here anyway? Anyone….anyone….?

I’ve been trying to write this post for too long for my fragile and holiday-weary mind. So right now I’ll just say “Happy New Year!” and attempt another post later.

Blogroll Housekeeping…

Please leaveĀ a comment and let me know if you want to be on my blogroll (friends with blogs, if you’re not on here, it’s because your blogs are more personal and I wanted “permission” from you before posting the link).