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Happy Haunting!

Poor, poor neglected blog.

I wanted to show off some projects. I might not have been bloggin’, but I have been stitchin’ when I can.

I finished my cross stitch piece:

Yoruba Saying

Pattern can be found here. Patterns such as this are a great way to play around with floss – I chose a variegated blue.

I stitched some leaves for a shirt for the Bear’s fall party:


It’s my own pattern, which I might share later. Interested?

And just in time for Halloween:


And yes, I know that Day of the Dead is most definitely not Halloween. Pattern found in the Halloween/Thanksgiving issue of Just Cross Stitch.

Housewarming Chicken

I stitched this up last week for my sister-in-law, who just bought her first house:

Housewarming Chicken

I like this little guy. As I’ve done before, I used waste canvas to get this guy on the towel. I found the pattern via Craftgossip; the pattern should be on the blog Et Patati Et Petites Croix but I cannot find the link now. Here’s the craftgossip link. I only made a few changes – I took off the Easter wording, and adjusted the colors to what I have in my floss stash. Also, instead of cross-stitching the eye, I used a button.

I have done two more squares for the 39 squares stitchalong, but then we traveled – first to visit family for Easter, then on to East Tennessee for a quick little vacation.

Dunmani Designs

Dunmani Designs Bookmark

I’ve been dying to stitch up this bookmark from Dunmani Designs for quite a while, and am just thrilled with myself that it’s done! I plan to read A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court very soon and now my beautiful new bookmark is sitting in the book awaiting use.

If you enjoy cross stitch, pop by Dunmani Designs. She has many free patterns available for bookmarks, Assisi work, blackwork and much more.

Even More Sharing the Gifting

Let’s wrap this up, shall we?

First off, a tea towel I did for my mom:


I had a very difficult time deciding on something for Mom, and when I saw this pattern I just fell in love. Hope she likes it.

I also gifted her this little cross-stitch; pattern here. I did not follow the pattern exactly – I used the colors I had on hand, and outlined in gold which came out fantastic!

Christmas Cardinal

An additional gift for my sister-in-law was this little brooch. I am SO proud of it. Who doesn’t love buttons?

Button Tree Brooch

For those of you curious about how I embroider on felt (I’ve had several questions): I trace my design onto tissue paper and pin it onto the felt, hoop the felt, and stitch away through the felt + tissue paper. On this particular piece, I removed the tissue paper once I had the outline of the tree done, and then just filled it in (all stem stitch on this one). So far, the tissue paper method “works” for me, though I’m sure there are other ways of doing it!

OK, I think that’s all for Christmas. Whew!

Blog Love Tuesday: Cross Me Not

Sometimes I like a small counted cross stitch project, and lucky for me, there are lots of folks out there offering some nifty free charts. A newer blog I came across recently is Cross Me Not. Not only does she have a lot of Christmas charts (if you have time for Christmas – it’s running out!), but now she’s offering Transformers charts! For those reliving their 80s childhood and for those with kids that love them now, the charts are pretty awesome. I have two boys, so you know I’m going to be stitching these up!

So go pass on the blog love and visit Cross Me Not today!

Great Idea Thursday: Mess Up

I like doing counted cross stitch, but I’m not a huge fan of aida cloth. I don’t completely dislike it, but I don’t want to stitch on aida all the time. I like using my pretty cotton fabric.

I discovered waste canvas not too long ago and have been wanting to use it. Last week, I finished a larger project (Christmas gift #1, so I will have to wait to post the results). I wanted a small project, and a while ago I found this sweet pattern on the internets. I thought it would make a wonderful bookmark project.

When I saved it on my computer, I did not save the color scheme, so I had to come up with my own. While the pattern is lovely, I am glad I went with my own design – we see robins through the winter here and I love them, so it made the project a little more personal.

Once I got into the project, I discovered that my robin on birdhouse was, well, rather small…and then I discovered what I had done.

I doubled the stitches.

I hope I can explain this correctly, but essentially, I was using 14-count waste canvas. I noted early into my work that this seemed much tighter and smaller than doing the 14-count. Then I figured out my error:

I was both stitching in the grid and between it.

On aida, you have a pretty delineated grid. You put the needle in the holes. There’s no ambivalence to it. However, on waste canvas, in order for you to remove it from your final piece, your grid “lines” also contain holes. So, I was stitching both on the grid and BETWEEN the grid.

But, despite the error, I am happy with my teeny-tiny results, and decided to make it into a lovely ornament for my Christmas tree.

Robin Ornament - First of 2009

What’s more, I now know of a good way to teeny-tiny a cross stitch pattern if I want to do so. I just might do some more for our tree.

So, this Thursday, I hope you take a chance and maybe mess up a little. You never know what could happen.

Vintage Monday: Cross Stitch Sampler, 1981

OK, I am not quite sure if 1981 counts as vintage, but at almost 30 years old, I think it’s close enough.

This was stitched by my mom in 1981, when I was just 3 years old:

Vintage Monday - Cross Stitch Sampler, 1981

Mom took up cross stitching back in the late 1970s, I think when I was a little fetus in her belly a baby (Mom, feel free to comment if I get any of the facts wrong, and I will correct them). She took a cross stitch class at a little store near our home in Alabama from a neighbor. – a store that we often visited in my childhood so my mom could get her supplies – her aida, her floss, her patterns, etc…

Without my mom, I don’t know that I would have gotten started in embroidery. It would in the least been much more difficult. She is an excellent resource, and has provided a bit of a foundation – she tried to teach me cross stitch when I was in my early 20s, but I wasn’t ready to devote time to it. And I prefer surface embroidery, while fitting in the occasional small cross stitch project. My mom, as you can see, prefers larger cross stitch projects – the above is actually one of her smaller ones.

I loved this one when I was a kid, so Mom gave it to me. This sampler hangs in my home today, in my kitchen, right next to the door. I see it every day. It’s both a comfort and an inspiration to see all those perfectly detailed stitches, and know the time and care she put into it.