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So, this only took me two years to complete…
Trying to complete my outstanding WIPs – happy with this one!


Happy Haunting!

Poor, poor neglected blog.

I wanted to show off some projects. I might not have been bloggin’, but I have been stitchin’ when I can.

I finished my cross stitch piece:

Yoruba Saying

Pattern can be found here. Patterns such as this are a great way to play around with floss – I chose a variegated blue.

I stitched some leaves for a shirt for the Bear’s fall party:


It’s my own pattern, which I might share later. Interested?

And just in time for Halloween:


And yes, I know that Day of the Dead is most definitely not Halloween. Pattern found in the Halloween/Thanksgiving issue of Just Cross Stitch.

Feather & Fan

Just finished a feather & fan dishcloth; pattern here.

Feather & Fan Dishcloth

I really like this pattern and think it would be lovely in another type of yarn as a scarf.

And I have a little peek at a x-stitch WIP:

Cross Stitch WIP

Hmmm…what could it be?

Photo Recap

Yesterday, BHE and I celebrated 8 wonderful years of marriage.

Cupcakes were made in celebration, in addition to a wonderful meal of steak and roasted asparagus and red potatoes.

Anniversary Cupcakes

It’s OK to drool. I won’t tell anyone.

The vanilla cupcake is an OLD family recipe that, I’m sorry, I won’t share. The frosting is my mom’s chocolate frosting recipe.

My icing skills aren’t the best (see my buddy at Family Bites for that), but I think I do simplicity well. My tip for simple icing? Take a spoon, put a dollop in the middle of your cupcake, and carefully spread with the dull side of a butter knife. It’s not fancy, nor involved exceptional skill, but your cupcakes will look nice and neat.

In other news, my mom has a renewed vigor for sewing, and has taken up bag-making. Bow down to her sewing prowess:

The bag fits a ton – two cross stitch projects – one a decoy, the other I’m doing on the sly as a gift – and my knitting project:

WIP: My First Scarf

I got this Drop Stitch Scarf pattern off ravelry, and I’m really enjoying it.

Blogroll Housekeeping

My blogroll listing has been outdated for some time. I just overhauled my blogroll, and you might note that it’s gone – totally removed from the sidebar. I’ve instead added a new page – craft & food resources – you can find the link up at the top. It’s a little more organized, and a little easier to navigate. There you’ll find resources for food, embroidery & cross stitch, knitting, sewing, and general crafts. Enjoy!

Recently Sewn

The other day BHE asked when I last used my sewing machine. And the guilt, oh the guilt! I had such lofty goals – no Project Runway, mind you, but I had serious plans to become a sewing machine goddess.

But I busted it out yesterday and completed some projects. Witness:

I sewed burp clothes!

The intended recipient – newborn member of our extended family – will actually get the burpclothes before they’re too old to use them. Score one for me! This project was not without its errors, but I’m happy with the results.

And for me, a sweet little pillow:

Folk Art Flower Pillow

You might remember that folk art flower from a previous post on using waste canvas. I recently got new bedding for our bedroom, and that flower just fit perfectly. Please note that the blanket stitch around is handsewn, but this was largely decorative and was machine-sewn to ensure it was good and stitched-up.

I’m pretty happy with my amateur sewing endeavors.

DIY: Spring Wreath

For just about $5 in materials, you can make a really simple wreath for spring and summer.

Easy DIY Spring Wreath

This was super easy. I purchased this little foam wreath from Hobby Lobby. I also purchased this yellow net/mesh fabric in the remnants section. The fake flowers were from an old bouquet that I made years ago. First, I decided where to place the flowers. Cutting them to leave just a bit of stem (about an inch or two), I poked the stems into the wreath. Then I just took the fabric (cut in half, so two pieces) and wrapped, wrapped, wrapped all around that wreath. I then pinned the very end of the fabric to the back of the wreath. Attached with ribbon to my door and I was done! So easy, so simple, and very inexpensive.

Another great wreath to make would be this one from Little Birdie Secrets. It’s actually the one I intended to make, but it requires a lot more cutting and I got lazy! I might use this one for the fall though.

Also done this weekend – I finished this cross-stitch dog (from a kit found on clearance) for my boys:

X-Stitch Kit: Dog for the Kiddos

Working with Waste Canvas

I really enjoy working with waste canvas – I like being able to cross stitch onto non-aida fabrics (though I am not entirely adverse to aida, I do like variety and choice). Anyway, if you’re interested in working with waste canvas, go for it! Waste canvas is VERY inexpensive, and there are a ton of free patterns all over the ‘net. I’m lucky – my mom gave me a lot of her old pattern books, so I used this pattern from the early 1980’s.

Floral Tree - With original Pattern

Note that my colors differ from those in the pattern. Don’t ever be afraid to change a pattern to your liking! Make it your own.

Floral Tree - In Progress

You’ll note that I pinned the waste canvas to the fabric and stitched through it. I also mark my boundaries with a pen – I literally count the squares across and down (at the widest point). I then stitch from the center, as any kit will tell you to do. Make sure you plan well! I’ve done a towel using the waste canvas before, and was very careful to position it properly. I did not plan properly for this project and about halfway through decided to make it into a bag – OOPS! When I took it out, I noticed that I did not line it up correctly and my fabric was not shaped in a square but as a diamond. It might still be used as a bag, but I will not as easy-peasy as I originally planned.

Floral Tree - Result

I like it. What do you think?