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Delayed Vintage Love and Slightly Early Blog Love

First off, I apologize for the Vintage Love delay. Last week was the holidays, and this week there was a death in the family (BHE’s granny), so we have been traveling. But without further ado I would like to direct you to some Vintage Love from gracefulfig-on hold. Isn’t this gorgeous?

Red hearts Hungarian pillow

Also, getting back into the swing of things with 2010, I’ve got to pass out some blog love, don’t I? I’d like to pass it on to Wee Folk Art. This site helped me out fairly recently, as (though I did not directly use the pattern) their Stacking Bird Applique Block led to my stitching up this little felt birdie brooch for my mother-in-law:

Orange and White Birdie Brooch

Wee Folk Art is a mother/daughter team that doesn’t just offer up a blog so much as a crafty resource, offering free applique patterns, recipes, a few kid craft ideas and then even more free patterns.

So if you haven’t checked out Wee Folk Art – or even if you have – why don’t you pass on the blog love and pop over there today!

Blog Love Tuesday: Cross Me Not

Sometimes I like a small counted cross stitch project, and lucky for me, there are lots of folks out there offering some nifty free charts. A newer blog I came across recently is Cross Me Not. Not only does she have a lot of Christmas charts (if you have time for Christmas – it’s running out!), but now she’s offering Transformers charts! For those reliving their 80s childhood and for those with kids that love them now, the charts are pretty awesome. I have two boys, so you know I’m going to be stitching these up!

So go pass on the blog love and visit Cross Me Not today!

Blog Love Tuesday: I’m a Slacker…

OK, I have an excuse. I think I’m coming down with a cold, and we’re coming off a weekend of stomach virus fun (BHE and the Bear – somehow the Monkey and I missed that bit of fun, knock on wood).

Anyway, you should totally head over to the Needlework News section of craftgossip. They have been posting LOADS of Christmas charts for cross-stitch and embroidery, as well as links to all kinds of tutorials. I heart that site.

Blog Love Tuesday: Bookworm Bethie

Do you visit Bookworm Bethie? I first noticed her blog when I saw some of her embroidery work. I came back because she likes to keep it weird on Wednesday – I’m an odd duck myself, so I always enjoy it. Lately I’m coming back more often because she’s a great resource on sewing too (hopefully a sewing machine will arrive for me today – woot!) – she recently reviewed One-Yard Wonders , which I just might have to pick up, and has several sewing tutorials available or linked on her site. Bethie’s also an avid reader, and has been known to post book reviews – in fact, she’s got one up today.

I’ve managed to forgive her love of the Georgia Bulldogs in order to pass her some blog love today. Go visit Bookworm Bethie and pass the blog love on!

Blog Love Tuesday: Follow the White Bunny

I’ve been following the White Bunny for a while now – back when she was a polka dot bunny. Nicole…a.k.a. “The White Bunny”, is Dutch, and loves to sew, draw and – of course – embroider. She combines her drawing and embroidery skills to create some wonderful patterns. She has many available in her shop, but she also offers a lot of freebie patterns – the latest for readers of her blog is this super-cute skiing koala – I think he’d make a perfect ornament!

So go pass the blog love and Follow the White Bunny today!

All You Need is Love…but not this week…

Sorry folks, but due to work obligations I’ve got to postpone Vintage Monday and Blog Love Tuesday. A gal’s gotta get paid!

Great Idea Thursday just might have a vintage tone to it…so stay tuned.

These features will return next week. Please, if you haven’t already, please go and join the Vintage Monday flickr group and post your vintage embroidery, linen, decor, art, etc… goodness! I’d love to feature them here on this blog!

Blog Love Tuesday: Hand Embroidery Network

A fellow blogger and I had a brief discussion in her comments field regarding to general helpfulness and friendliness of the embroidery community. I know that the online community of embroiderers – via flickr, and the Hand Embroidery Network – has surely improved my skill sets. Have a question? Just pose it in a discussion board, and someone will answer it. There’s such a variety of skills and experiences that you will learn not one, but several ways of accomplishing what you want to do.

In this spirit, today I would like to pass the blog love to the Hand Embroidery Network. The blog not only features the Stitch-A-Day series that I’ve mentioned on here before, but also features the work of its members (I was even featured as part of last week’s Community Roundup!). There are monthly free patterns for your stitchy enjoyment, like this month’s Squirrel and Acorns.

Did I mention that the first issue of their new FREE quarterly online magazine, Needle, will debut this month?

So go visit the HEN blog and spread the blog love today. If you’re interested in joining their online community, check that out here.

Blog Love Tuesday: doe-c-doe

Since the new features on this ol’ blog here started with yesterday’s introduction of “Vintage Monday”, I thought today I would pass the blog love on and spotlight doe-c-doe.

doe-c-doe was one of the first embroidery blogs I started visiting, and she often features a vintage pattern every week – ranging from her recent smiling flowers, to horses (which I stitched here) and just about everything in between. And if you stitch up her patterns, be sure to pop by her flickr group – or just pop by there anyway to view all the embroidered loveliness!

doe-c-doe is not only about vintage patterns – she also features her own embroidery work (check out the robot pillows!), photography, and lots of vintage fun, such as children’s book illustrations like this one (great embroidery inspirations).

So go on and pass the blog love and visit doe-c-doe!