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Time Flies When You’re Putting Together Chinese Democracy

I don’t go to MTV for much of anything these days, but this is interesting – especially if you were a teen in 1991. I remember listening to Use Your Illusion at our neighborhood pool…on a boombox. And if it was a CD, he was one of my few friends that had a CD player at the time. I wouldn’t get mine until 1993…which I think was the last time MTV actually aired music.

Missing Old School Nintendo?

I was looking for games for the Monkey when I came across this.

What if…

Angelle had an interesting post up about two weeks ago that I’ve just now had the time to really attend to. Go ahead, read it and come back here.

It’s funny thinking about what ifs, isn’t it? I think anyone that’s had any major life change – and that’s pretty much any adult – can play that card. It’s weird to do.

Honestly, my “what ifs” always end with “Well, it all worked out, didn’t it?” because I am very happy right now – awesome husband, great kiddos, two dogs, house, etc… We’re livin’ the American dream here on Awesome Avenue.

I try to live my life without regrets, and feel I’ve been fairly successful at it. However, I will share my biggest what if*.

At the age of 12, my Dad got a new job and we made the trip two hours north from Decatur, Alabama to Franklin, Tennessee.

At the time, I was pretty jazzed about it. Sad to leave my friends, sure, but happy about this BIG CHANGE that was going to make everything different. See, I had a nerd label to me – I was “the one that always made the A’s, got braces at 10 and glasses at 12” – and I thought “wow, no one will know me in Nashville, and I can totally reinvent myself”.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

I’ve since learned that you are who you are. Can you change things about yourself, learn and grow? Of course! But does the fundamental core of who you are change? Likely as not, no.

So I move up to Franklin, and I’m still socially awkward (who isn’t at 12? Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that at the time), and now I’m deemed as having a hick accent (I know, I know – I’m in Nashville, right?) and was ridiculed in class for it. By a teacher. Nice. During my two years in high school, I always had shaky hands which I think was caused by the social anxiety.

Anyway, I later got over all this, made some friends, settled in, and all was peachy. I would not change a thing. It all lead up to this – if I had not moved to Franklin, I likely would not have gone to UTK, and in turn would not have met BHE.

I do have to wonder, from time to time, what “Alabama Me” would have been like. Would I have stayed in-state for my schoolin’, or left the Pride of Dixie for opportunities elsewhere? I know I would not been allowed to attend ‘Bama by my Auburn-fan Dad… What choices would I have made?


*The second big what if – when I was about 13, Dad was offered the chance to move us all to Japan for a year by his company. He turned it down. When I found out about that, I was disappointed, as my ties to Tennessee were still quite weak and I thought living in Japan would be awesome. Que sera.

A Plea to Hollywood

Listen, Hollywood, let’s talk for a minute. I know you’re out of ideas, I know. I’ve seen the trailers for Alvin and the Chipmunks, Bewitched, and I’ve recently seen that He-Man shall return to the big screen.

But please, oh please, don’t mess with my Smurfs. I’m begging you. ‘Cause let’s face it, ya’ll are going to screw it up. You know it, I know it, Papa Smurf knows it.

Just. don’t. do. it. 

In the background…

Quite possibly the worst movie I have ever seen is on…Batman and Robin.

The scene: Chattanooga, Summer 1997. The situation: Two friends and I visiting our Chattanooga-native friend for a few days. She had to work, so we killed time in Chattanooga’s lovely downtown. Went to the candy store. In the midst of my friend’s chocolate candy was a stray chocolate-covered nut. She, allergic, barely puts it in her mouth when she immediately realizes what’s happened. After she drinks tons of water, she decides we need to get out of the heat so she can deal with her reaction (she’s forgotten her emergency shot)…we hit the local theater to watch the above-mentioned fine film. She spends the better part of the movie tossing her cookies in the bathroom.

I spend the better part of the movie jealous of my friend….because the movie is just that bad.