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Photo Recap

Yesterday, BHE and I celebrated 8 wonderful years of marriage.

Cupcakes were made in celebration, in addition to a wonderful meal of steak and roasted asparagus and red potatoes.

Anniversary Cupcakes

It’s OK to drool. I won’t tell anyone.

The vanilla cupcake is an OLD family recipe that, I’m sorry, I won’t share. The frosting is my mom’s chocolate frosting recipe.

My icing skills aren’t the best (see my buddy at Family Bites for that), but I think I do simplicity well. My tip for simple icing? Take a spoon, put a dollop in the middle of your cupcake, and carefully spread with the dull side of a butter knife. It’s not fancy, nor involved exceptional skill, but your cupcakes will look nice and neat.

In other news, my mom has a renewed vigor for sewing, and has taken up bag-making. Bow down to her sewing prowess:

The bag fits a ton – two cross stitch projects – one a decoy, the other I’m doing on the sly as a gift – and my knitting project:

WIP: My First Scarf

I got this Drop Stitch Scarf pattern off ravelry, and I’m really enjoying it.

Women and Men

So last Friday I get a phone call. It’s BHE.

BHE: Well, I weighed myself at the doctor. I’ve lost 15 pounds.

Me: That’s awesome. Since when?

BHE (doing math in head): About a month ago?

Yes, in about a month he’s done what I could never do (at least, not in that INSANE amount of time) – lost 15 pounds. Kinda put a bummer on my 8 pounds in a year.

Now, am I ecstatic for BHE? Ab-so-lute-ly. We both want/need to lose weight and I definitely want BHE healthy. Honestly, he already had a head start – he is much better at working out than I am. So how did this amazing feat of weight loss occur?

He cut out the junk.

BHE, in the office, is exposed to all manner of refined-carb-laden sugary mess, in addition to meals out at the local fast food joints from time to time. One of the benefits I have from being home with the boys and not doing the 8-to-5 thing is I am not around the junk food that is often a part of office life. No candy laying around the house (except now, in our post Halloween daze). Very rarely eating out. I don’t really buy the boys cookies that often, and even if I do, I tend to leave them alone. I eat pretty well. I watch my portions, especially now, and we rarely drink alcohol.

My 8 pounds in a year to his 15 pounds in a month. Men.

Since we’re talking health and food – anyone else love I love that site! It’s great pics of (some of) the recipe results, reviews, nutritional information for all the recipes. Plus I love the navigability of the site. Don’t like your first result? supplies similar recipes in the sidebar. Highly addictive.

All this has really helped with my meal planning, resulting in a much-less-stressful grocery experience with the boys. This week I am making “Smarter” Fettuccine Alfredo (adding in chicken, mushrooms, and broccoli to the basic recipe supplied), Lentils & Spinach (over brown rice), and I am making my own wrap creation using turkey, carrots, sprouts, and a salsa dressing. I will try to blog the results this week; any cooking tonight was deterred by tonight’s power outage (thanks CEMC). PB&J for me, cereal for BHE, cheese, pretzels and peaches for the boys. Oh well – sometimes it’s good to keep things simple.

I promise I didn’t drop off the face of the Earth…

We’ve been busy ya’ll. A wrapup:

  • We are wrapping up the Monkey’s swimming lessons. He has really enjoyed them this summer, and he is very confident in the pool now. We will definitely repeat these next summer, and likely for the Bear too.
  • The Bear turned two, and BHE turned 31, on August 1.
  • Monkey started school (Tuesday/Thursday pre-K) just shy of two weeks ago. LOVES IT. The school – a private school which teaches pre-K on up through high school – also asked me (to essentially volunteer) to teach Spanish to pre-K through elementary. I’m having a blast, and have deeply appreciated teaching advice from my crabby amiga. There’s a lot of sources I have used online for class, as I am still awaiting an official curriculum and am right now “winging it” – I will post later when I have some more time for all the linkage.
  • Soccer practice started this week. Wow, it really was like herding cats!
  • We’ve been watching the Olympics; as such, we promised Monkey that he can take gymnastics again after soccer season ends (he took gymnastics about a year ago and we quit mainly due to the drive; there’s now a place in town).
  • I’ve had a lot of work stuff (the job that pays me, in addition to the volunteer Spanish position), so that’s kept me busy too.
  • Unfortunately, exercise has suffered for me. Am considering taking up jogging…
  • I’m trying to read more. Right now, I am reading Trail of Tears, which is really good (I’m a big fan of non-fiction) in addition to trying to muddle through Ulysses (to which my brother commented “Yeah, good luck with that…”)

Tasty Bits of Sun…

Ya’ll, I just blogged a couple of days ago about how beautiful our sunflowers are, and how wonderful it’s been for my photography as well as for the boys to see how a rather large plant grows from a rather large seed.

But BHE had other motives for growing the flowers…the seeds are quite tasty.

WordPress didn’t work the pics like I wanted, so:

1. On the flower, you know the seeds are getting ready when you get some black stripes on the seeds, which before were just white. We still had green leaves behind this – I think we might have picked the flower a tad too soon. Not sure on that, but research on the ‘net mentioned the leaves turning brown.

2. BHE getting the seeds out.

3. We got a lot of seeds out of that one flower.

4. Put them in a 300F oven for about 30 minutes, until they are brown. In hindsight, I probably should have stirred these around about midway through to allow for more even roasting.

5. Roasted sunflower seeds!

6. Elvis the gecko was not amused that his nighttime snack – mango – was interrupted by our late-night roasting.

It all started out so simple…

Last month signups for fall soccer began in our small town. We asked Monkey if he wanted to play – a big “YES” was the reply – so we got him signed up. BHE did the signup and at the time, signed up to assist. He did this as much to be involved as to ease himself into learning about the game, because maybe, if Monkey got super-involved in it, MAYBE he would coach one year.

But mainly, BHE signed up to be sure the coach wasn’t a big psycho. Heh.

So, I get a call from BHE while in the Walmart picking up Spiderman PJs for the Monkey (on clearance for $7, ya’ll).

BHE: “I got a call from [local soccer bureau]?”

Me: “OK.”

BHE: “They said they don’t have enough coaches for next year, and they need me to coach.”

Me: “Did you tell them that you know nothing about soccer?”

BHE: “Yeah.”

Me: “Well, what did they say?”

BHE: “They paused. Then they said they just really needed coaches.”

Me: “So you’re coaching.”

BHE: “Yes.”

Now, ya’ll should know that, despite his total inexperience in the area (BHE has never even played soccer, much less coached it before), I am sure BHE will rock as a coach because he can do anything he sets his mind to. However, just in case, we ordered this book today, and about died when we read the inside flap description: “You thought you were just going to sign up your child for the youth league. Now here you are, a newly annointed coach. You didn’t ask for it, but it happened anyway. Now you need help.”

Boy, does he need help. Ya’ll, he’s teaching 4 year olds soccer, and at this point knows about as much as they do about the game. Plus, he’s going to be Monkey’s coach – and after my last round teaching his class for Sunday School, we kinda swore that this was the last time until he was a bit older.

They’ll have fun. But is it mean that I giggle my way through the rest of my Wally World run?