Scrap Polyester Flower Pin

So, you’ve got Grandma’s quilt scraps, which came from one of her old polyester dresses, and you’re wondering what to do with it? Might I suggest:

Easy Flower Brooch

I didn’t come up with this – I’ve seen it at various blogs and wish I could find that first source. I just google searched and there’s a pretty nice tutorial here.

For this one, I took circles of polyester* (you want them in slightly varying sizes, if possible). I then mildly burned them over a candle (you’re not going to actually light your polyester on fire – there’s a video in the tutorial link if you want a look). This caused the edges to curl nicely. I ended up with four usable “petals” – 2 didn’t turn out as I’d like, and four was a good size. Then I just stacked them and placed the button on it for the center of the flower – and to hold them all together. Attached the pin back and it’s done! A nice little flower pin to accent your favorite shirt or dress. I’ve also seen these sewn to t-shirts as a nice embellishment. You could make a ton – it’s an easy craft.

*By my understanding, it has to be polyester or a similar synthetic fabric to get the edges to curl nicely.


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