Vintage Cool: Cornucopia of Vintage Goodness

I love when I make things for gifts, but I HATE having to hold on ye olde blog post until I’ve given the gift! Well, stay tuned folks – next week I should have a cool tutorial posted. You’ve been warned.

We’re transitioning into summer here. Last week the Monkey was SICK with a tummy bug, and now we’re out of school. I hope to keep the blog up, and not blog droughts of – ahem – a week like last week.

I might not have projects to post, but there’s always Vintage Cool! We’ve had a lot of stuff posted in the past week. And this pic encompasses several cool items that appeared in the pool, all in one:

Thrift, Consignment and Yard Sale Finds

My folks used to have (and might still have) one of those hard suitcases* with the lock and all. I’m not sure the story behind it – how old, etc… – but I loved it. It was hard and like a tank and was clearly meant to take a beating.

And the perfume bottle? Ladies in blogland, who out there dreamed of having stacks of perfume bottles on a vanity? Didn’t that seem the very essence of adulthood? I wonder what little girls do now….I do well to put on body spray out of a plastic bottle! Good thing I have boys…

And the tin pieces in this photograph are lovely. Love that cake tin.

Thanks to Alpenglow Vintage for sharing!

*ETA: This isn’t a suitcase, but a travel bar set. So Mad Men, eh? My comments regarding tanklike luggage still stand.


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