Homemade Pop Tarts

My kids eat a lot of Pop Tarts. As I am trying to move us further away from processed foods, I’m not particularly proud of this, but my boys are little Pop Tart addicts.

And one day, what comes into my inbox from allrecipes.com? Why, this recipe for Homemade “Top” Tarts!

I’ve made them twice now, and they’re incredibly easy to do. It doesn’t really cut down on the fat and calories, but you can cut WAY down on the sugar, depending on the kind of preserves you use.

I followed the basic recipe almost exactly, but played around with the jam. This batch (4 tarts) contains strawberry and peach preserves:

The other batch contained grape spreadable fruit. That’s the fun thing about these – you can include flavors that the packages tarts never dreamed of! I’ve seen mango preserves at the store – wouldn’t that be delicious!

Here’s the finished bit of deliciousness (grape batch). I did not make the glaze/icing because my boys don’t like the icing on them anyway, and why introduce the added sugar?

I had to eat the one that leaked. You know, to make sure it tasted OK.

You could really decrease the use on processed foods on this by making your own pie crust (an eventual goal of mine) and by watching which kinds of preserves you use. Try these – your kids (and you) will love them!


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