How High’s the Water, Mama?

Photo from The Tennessean

This is not far from my folks’ house; don’t worry, they’re OK – no damage, and not even really stranded.

Nashville and Middle Tennessee, as I’m sure you know, has been rocked by flooding. It’s been all-encompassing and everyone’s been affected in some way – we weren’t hit directly in my area, but yesterday we had water concerns (our water comes from Old Hickory Lake, and there were water main breaks) that hopefully have been worked out. We’re lucky; not a lot of Middle Tennessee can say the same.

Kinda takes the phrase “I can’t complain” to a new level – to see this devastation and realize how lucky you are that it missed you, or just barely touched you. Because Nature doesn’t discriminate – it didn’t pick that house to flood because of the homeowner’s socio-economic status, and it didn’t decide to flood the Opry because it doesn’t like country music.

I lived in Franklin, Tennessee (above – photo from The Tennessean) for several years, and it’s jaw-dropping for me to see photos of areas I know and imagine them just…gone. I know several have been stranded, and worse I know of some that have lost their homes. And they’re reporting several deaths from the flooding, at least 18 in Tennessee.

Please keep Tennessee in your prayers.


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  1. The flooding there is such a sad story. I enjoyed my years in Nashvile.


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