Chicken, Bean and Blue Cheese Pasta Salad

Made this up for dinner the other night, and it was pretty delicious. Perfect for spring and summer, when the weather is warming up and you’re wanting to take advantage of some wonderful produce:

The recipe comes courtesy of Cooking Light, and can be found here. I made some small changes – added some bell pepper that I roasted in the oven, increased the chicken to a bit over a pound (mostly because the chicken was packaged this way). We grilled the chicken the night before on a small charcoal grill we have and that chicken was incredible. I had to smack BHE’s hand away to make sure we had enough chicken for the salad.

The green beans in the salad were OK. I prefer my green beans sauteed. Reflecting on the roasted red bell pepper that I added to the recipe, I could not help but think that some roasted asparagus would be wonderful in this. I recently roasted asparagus with red potatoes (half-following this recipe) so I am kinda loving that preparation for asparagus these days.

I am going to admit that I did not make the dressing, and opted for Kraft’s version of sun-dried tomato vinaigrette. I wanted to make the dressing, but could only find oil-packed sun-dried tomatoes. Next time I might just make a basic vinaigrette – the dressing wasn’t really a “star” in this dish anyway.

The recipe is a good base that I will be revisiting over the warm weather days.


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