39 Squares: 17 & 18

Halfway point!

Squares 17 & 18</a

Square 17 (on the left) – revisited my Memaw's quilt scraps, and decided some embellishment would work well here. Just follow the lines on the fabric with a more vibrant color. Surprisingly, this took me into the next day, but largely as I started this one late, and then had band practice, and then was OUT that night and didn't devote any time to late-night stitching.

Square 18 (right) – I just wanted to do a toadstool. I always loved those toadstools from the funky 70s decor, so this is my homage to that I guess. I had not chain-stitched in a while so I decided that would be a fun fill.

Not sure what today's square will bring, but I'm looking forward to what the day brings!

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