39 Squares: Square 3

I’m not the kind of gal to have a pristine, pure green lawn. Au contraire – I’m the type to have green with a smattering of whites, yellows, and purples from the so-called “weeds”. I never understood why clover, dandelions and wildflowers were referred to as weeds. How could something as fun as this be a weed:

Square 3 - Dandelion

I’m 32 years old and I don’t care – I still love to blow on a dandelion and watch the seed scatter to the wind.

This is one of those squares where the vision in my head did not entirely square with my result. But overall I’m OK with it – I think it will look better with something fuller to the side – perhaps a tree or a nice little bird is in store for today?


2 responses to this post.

  1. oh you beat me to it – I am planning a dandelion too – I love the ‘perspective’ you put on yours


  2. I LOVE that dandelion– your squares are so beautiful! Isn’t this a fun project?!


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