Homemade Pizza Crust

I made my own pizza crust – following this recipe for whole wheat crust – and was so thrilled with myself! Since we like thin crust, I was able to freeze after after the first rising (before the second rise) so we will have pizza crust available next time I want to make it (probably this weekend).

Had to make half cheese (for my boys) and half veggie (for BHE and me)! The Bear ate his up so it definitely met his approval (Monkey was really tired that night and skipped dinner). I will likely add some seasonings – dried oregano and basil, perhaps – to the crust next time I make this up. It could have used a little more “oomph” but otherwise it was very good.

If you’re not a very experienced baker (I’m not) – a trick I’ve discovered to get your crust to rise is to place your dough in a cold oven with a pan or mug of boiled water below it. The water will provide enough heat to allow your dough to rise.


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