WIPs – Workin’ with Sulky

I was already working on this for my boys:

This cross stitch kit was a deal on clearance at Hobby Lobby – just over $2!

But I had some time on Sunday night so I finally went to task on taking care of my shirt. I stained a white shirt that I really like – it’s a very small stain, and I realized that this was a good excuse to embroider the shirt. After consulting around, I discovered that Sulky stabilizer is a good way to embroider on knit, which you can’t treat like standard cotton – knit stretches, so a hoop isn’t really ideal.

Planning to Embroider my Shirt

Sulky Detail

So I used the stabilizer to trace the design, and I also placed it underneath to use as a stabilizer. You stick it on with just a small amount of water – I used a washcloth. Then I stitched through – doing the french knots through 3 layers is a bit difficult, but I have been pleased with how it’s held the fabric firm. I’ve done two flowers so far – what do you think?

Embroidered Flower on my Shirt

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