Hiatus – WIP Update – Readin’ Reviews

I’m still around and still stitchin’ and cookin’. But not so much blogging for a number of reasons – first my laptop required a trip to the PC doc, and now we’re in the midst of snow days, meaning the eldest is enjoying a break from kindergarten while I “enjoy” a break from my sanity. 😉 And we’ve been sick, all of us – colds and pink eye (my boys) and now a slight ear infection in my youngest. I’m also trying to exercise more and think I’ve already lost a little, or at least shifted it around – yay me!

So I’ve not felt too inspired to blog. Like I said, I have been stitchin’. My mom came by two weekends ago (or so) and navigated me around my sewing machine. I quickly set to work sewin’ up some easy burp clothes (for relatives that are expecting a second child) – just need to finish them (I want to blanket stitch around the edges). I picked up a cross stitch kit at Hobby Lobby the other day on clearance that I’m working for my boys. And I am working an embroidery sampler, using a book I got for Christmas – The Embroiderer’s Handbook. I might take some WIP pictures soon.

I’ve also been reading. I’ve committed to reading the Bible in its entirety in 2010 (I always got stuck around Chronicles in the OT, and barely made it through Romans in the NT) – so I purchased The One Year Bible for Women NLT. Now I don’t know why it’s “For Women”, other than the fact that it is pink with a flower on the cover, and that it includes the occasional gal-friendly quote. But it is excellent. Aside from the translation, which is very easy to understand (I joked that I needed a “Bible for Dummies”), I am really enjoying the format. It’s not organized like a standard Bible (so be warned – I was initially disappointed until I got into it). It’s organized by date, and each day includes: an OT reading, a NT reading, a Psalms selection, and a Proverbs selection. The readings are in order, so, for example, you will read Genesis in order in a little less than a month. The reading for each day takes about 15 minutes, so there’s really no excuse not to fit this in. I think getting this Bible allowed me to discover my problem – over-reading. I think in prior tries, that I would exhaust myself, and then get myself into a position of picking one (reading my Bible) or the other (whatever else). With this, I can devote myself to reading the Bible, actually digesting it (key, I think, and not what I was doing before), and then allowing myself to move on, refreshed, to whatever else I want to do.

Which lately, has been my addiction to 1491. This book kinda fell into my lap. A couple of weeks back, I met my brother for dinner (for my birthday – Shalimar in Green Hills. Delicious.). He then said “I was going to get you a Barnes & Noble giftcard for your birthday. How about we just go to Davis Kidd and I’ll buy you a book?”. And so we did. And after sifting through everything (my process is getting a ridiculous stack and then whittling down to one) – I chose this one (it beat out a rather thick volume of medieval Icelandic literature, I kid you not). I love non-fiction, was in the mood for some good non-fiction, and have had a long fascination with pre-Columbian cultures. And this book does not disappoint (so far). The writer is a journalist, so the book reads more like a National Geographic article than a study – the reading is not dry at all and has been fascinating and addictive. If you have any interest in ancient civilizations, archeology, pre-Columbian culture, etc…. I definitely recommend that you pick this one up.

Well, that was a more lengthy description of my hiatus than I set out to write. I will come back as the inspiration strikes and I have something interesting to write.


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  1. Posted by bookwormbethie on February 8, 2010 at 7:22 pm

    I’m not blogging anymore due to various reasons just like you, but do on occassion check in on a few blogs. I am such a dork that my jar dropped down when I read that you are committed to read the bible in its entirity this year! I’m sorta doing the same thing! Except I’ve spilled into this year! My hubby bought me a NLT Study Bible (the entire OT and NT) for Christmas 2008. Silly me thinking I could read all that in one year! I’m in the middle of the prophets now and after that is the NT, which isn’t too bad since I’ve only been reading for a year and a couple of months.

    There is A LOT of Bible to read and I think it’s super awesome that you have a “condensed” type version. I thnk it’s awesome that your book is organized by date, that way you know what you to read each day and don’t get behind. I admit I don’t read my Bible daily like I used to, but my resolution this year is to try very hard too, but I think your ‘bible in a year’ book will definitely let you accomplish that goal!

    Enjoy your time reading and I certainly hope all y’all start feeling better soon! Pink eye is the worst, I fear the terrible dreaded pink eye, it just sneaks up out of nowhere without any warning, not like a cold where you get the idea that you might be getting a cold since you start feeling icky….

    anyway, enough rambling from me, but I’m glad to know I’m not hte only one out there doing my best to read the Bible in its “entirety” on a daily basis!


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