Great Idea Thursday: Organize Thy Kit

Today’s great idea involves organization. I think that organization is pretty important in needlework – you’ve got to keep up with all that floss (I keep mine in an old cigar box) and fabric! Today though, I write specifically about how to organize a kit project.

Anyone out there work kits? I started my embroidery journey on kits – they’re a great way to test the waters and learn some basic stitches – I learned satin stitch, stem stitch, back stitch and straight stitch all through kits.

When I worked my first kit – “Embroidery for Dummies” (seriously, but it’s a good first project for a total beginner. I digress.) – there were about four colors of floss. Not a lot to organize, so I kinda kept it all together in the box it came in. No biggee.

When I worked my second project) there was a lot more floss. I remembered my mom using a hole-punched card, so I took a cereal box lid and hole-punched it up to put the floss in there. Great for separating the floss – but a bit of a pain when you’re working your kit – pulling out the floss resulted in tangles and it just was not a method I would prefer.

My most recent kit – a cross stitch kit, which is just shy of completion (Dimensions is sending me some extra floss – hooray for their customer service, FYI):

The Maritime

I started this kit in the car. So I didn’t really separate the floss, and there were about 10-15 colors, in shades of steel grey and light grey and….not separating was not to my advantage. I finally did separate them, but ended up throwing them, separated, in the plastic kit bag. Not a good method at all.

So for my next kit, I decided to get organized. So here’s how I’ve approached floss organization this time:

This is how I organize my floss for general, non-kit embroidery, so it makes sense to take that approach to kits too. And this kit has a lot of color going on, and lots of detail (frankly, with all those lines I am intimidated by this project and am right now working something else). Taking that bit of time at the beginning of the project to get organized is so worth it.

So, how do you get organized? Please share in the comments!


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  1. […] Emily of On Awesome Avenue has great advice for newbie stitchers, which applies even when the project is a kit: Get organized! Emily shows you how. See the post. […]


  2. I precut the lengths of floss and use a long skinny card that has holes punched in it. I like your idea of putting them on regular floss bobbins though. That way I could just clip off a short piece if that’s what’s needed. Bobbins are even more organized if you use a ring to hold all the bobbins together.


  3. I made a kit out of a potholder from the dollar store. I made pockets by sewing a tube or coordinating cotton with velcro closures at each end and then layed them across my potholder (the loop of the holder to one side) and stitched down the center creating a book. Sew on a botton for the holder loop to go around on the other end and you have your closure. Mine has 4 pockets with bobbins in them divided by color. 1-red/orange family, 2-yellow/green family, 3-blue/purple family, 4-brown/black family. The quilted insides of the potholder work great for holding pins and needles, and I have a pair of embroidery scissors on a lanyard that I just tuck in between the pocket pages before I secure the button closure. I keep my kit, a 6 inch hoop and another little pouch (like the ones I sell in my shop) in my purse. The extra pouch carries fabric pieces with designs for me to embroider in a little variety so I can stitch anywhere at anytime!


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