Mid-Week Music: It Might Get Loud

Last week BHE picked up It Might Get Loud from the local video & tanning (where more people tan than rent videos, of course). I love the southern small town invention that is the video and tanning. Who decided that this was a great business combination? But I digress. (Nevermind, he picked it up at Movie Gallery. It was Paranormal Activity that came from the video & tanning, where the lady was apparently surprised at the end that the film is fiction but then said “it could totally happen”.)

Anyway, I strongly recommend picking this flick up. We watched it twice before we took it back, and believe me we don’t typically re-watch movies. It’s just a very interesting look at the guitar, and three amazing guitarists and their approach to music. Massive music nerdness going on here.

So here’s a little taste of It Might Get Loud:


2 responses to this post.

  1. Hilariously we also have many video and tanning spots, and again, more tanning going on than anything.


  2. We thought it was hilarious to hear what Edge was actually playing.


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