Delayed Vintage Love and Slightly Early Blog Love

First off, I apologize for the Vintage Love delay. Last week was the holidays, and this week there was a death in the family (BHE’s granny), so we have been traveling. But without further ado I would like to direct you to some Vintage Love from gracefulfig-on hold. Isn’t this gorgeous?

Red hearts Hungarian pillow

Also, getting back into the swing of things with 2010, I’ve got to pass out some blog love, don’t I? I’d like to pass it on to Wee Folk Art. This site helped me out fairly recently, as (though I did not directly use the pattern) their Stacking Bird Applique Block led to my stitching up this little felt birdie brooch for my mother-in-law:

Orange and White Birdie Brooch

Wee Folk Art is a mother/daughter team that doesn’t just offer up a blog so much as a crafty resource, offering free applique patterns, recipes, a few kid craft ideas and then even more free patterns.

So if you haven’t checked out Wee Folk Art – or even if you have – why don’t you pass on the blog love and pop over there today!


3 responses to this post.

  1. I’m sorry for your loss. That pillow is gorgeous. (Sorry to just jump from one subject to the next like that.) Your little brooch is really cute. Did you use glittery felt?


  2. Thank you for all the kind words and love. Can ya sense me blushing? Anyway… I love it when I get a chance to pop in and say “hi” to one of our readers. I’m delighted our blog was able to inspire you to make the delightful brooch for your MIL. Hope she loved it 🙂 I’ll be linking on Facebook so our readers can see your crafty adaptation of our little birdies!


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