Sharing the Gifting, Part One

Now comes the post-holiday fun – where I share all the embroidered fun that I’ve been holding out on due to holiday gifting! I’ve been dying to share these for weeks, but I didn’t want to post anything that I was making for Christmas – and aside from ornaments, I’ve been largely working on Christmas gifts since November. I’ve been quite a busy lady.

My first share – this tea towel for my mother-in-law. She’s a fan of her tea, and when I saw this little vintage pattern (courtesy of doe-c-doe) I just had to stitch it up for her.

Tea Pot & Child

I learned a new stitch with this one – the blanket stitch – and was really happy with how it turned out. I think, though, that my favorite little detail might be the steam. Such a cool pattern. I hope my mother-in-law enjoys this one – I know I enjoyed stitching it!

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  1. really cute teapot ! I love embroidery on dishtowels!


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