For Your Cookie Enjoyment

I made these last week for a cookie contest at work. I didn’t win, but who cares when can eat these:

These are Chai Tea Eggnog Cookies, and they came from the most recent issue of Southern Living. They are fabulous. You would think that 2 tablespoons of eggnog isn’t going to impart a lot of flavor, but it actually provides just the right balance – you taste the eggnog, but you’re not overwhelmed with it.

My only quibble was the glaze (which, FYI, I subbed allspice instead of the nutmeg – my sole change to the recipe). Two tablespoons of eggnog is not enough to wet the powdered sugar for a glaze consistency. So I added a little milk (didn’t want too much eggnog flavor) – that seemed almost right – then I added a little more milk and that was overboard – much too wet. I could have tried the glaze again – it certainly wasn’t hard – but I thought the cookies tasted great on their own and decided to leave them as is. Next time, I might try to perfect that glaze.

I’m really glad I tried these out – something new and a bit different than your standard cookie. Why don’t you try them – maybe bake some up for Santa?


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