Vintage Monday: A Worn-with-Love Tablecloth

Today’s “Vintage Monday” piece has seen a lot of use:

Vintage Monday: A Worn-with-Love Tablecloth

It was my grandmother’s. I don’t know how old it is, but you can tell from the patches that it saw a lot of use. I think I remember seeing it on the occasional holiday covering the “kid’s table”.

There are places that I will need to patch if i want to do anything with it. I’m trying to decide if I want to embroider on it – would that be sacrilege to do so? It’s very tempting to applique some flowers on those patches, and have flower patches on the top. Would that be too much?

Should I just enjoy the worn-in love of this piece? I do think there’s a certain beauty in those patches – I think my grandparents’ generation was one of a last to not have a “take and toss” attitude about items. If it worked, you used it. If it didn’t work, you patched it. You didn’t waste. Maybe I’ve romanticized it a little, but I think there’s a beauty in that attitude.

Do you have anything “worn-with-love”?


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