Blog Love Tuesday: Hand Embroidery Network

A fellow blogger and I had a brief discussion in her comments field regarding to general helpfulness and friendliness of the embroidery community. I know that the online community of embroiderers – via flickr, and the Hand Embroidery Network – has surely improved my skill sets. Have a question? Just pose it in a discussion board, and someone will answer it. There’s such a variety of skills and experiences that you will learn not one, but several ways of accomplishing what you want to do.

In this spirit, today I would like to pass the blog love to the Hand Embroidery Network. The blog not only features the Stitch-A-Day series that I’ve mentioned on here before, but also features the work of its members (I was even featured as part of last week’s Community Roundup!). There are monthly free patterns for your stitchy enjoyment, like this month’s Squirrel and Acorns.

Did I mention that the first issue of their new FREE quarterly online magazine, Needle, will debut this month?

So go visit the HEN blog and spread the blog love today. If you’re interested in joining their online community, check that out here.


One response to this post.

  1. Thank you Emily for featuring the HEN on your blog!



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