Easy Dinner: Tostadas

I made this up on the fly the other night. It’s not the most original meal in the world, but it’s pretty healthy, satisfying and very easy.


First, do your taste buds and your body a big favor and DO NOT buy the ready-made tostadas at the store. Instead, buy tortillas (I prefer corn tortillas for this, but some in my family prefer flour and those work very well). Heat the tortillas in a 425F oven until getting crispy. This will take about 10-15 minutes – just keep an eye on ’em.

Cook some beans. We did red beans this time (The Bear’s favorite color). Next, cook (on stove) some ground turkey or chicken. Once that’s cooked, add a can of rotel and season with about a tablespoon of chili powder. Feel free to throw in some cumin in there too.

Once it’s all cooked up, start layering: lettuce, meat, beans. Top with cheese, salsa (we went salsa verde, which I LOVE) and avocado.

The great thing about this recipe – everyone can fix their tostada to suit them. If you have little ones, this is so vitally important! You can also easily make this vegetarian by just removing the meat from the recipe.

Sorry this recipe is not more exact. I made it last week for dinner, took the nice picture, and meant to blog sooner. Oops.


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