A Study in Delay

In an earlier post, I talked about being bogged down. It was a birthday gift for my mom, and I got really stalled in the framing stage – scared to mess up my hard work with a messy attempt at a new method. But I finally mustered up the courage, and tried a new technique – and while the results weren’t perfect, I learned something new and was pretty pleased with the result.

Artistic Flower

I took a stretched art canvas, and applied a very light layer of glue (Modge Podge, but next time I want to get some proper fabric glue) to keep the fabric in place. Once that dried – about 15 minutes later – I took a staple gun and stapled the edges down. All rather easy.

My main dissatisfaction – I did not originally intend to sew the striped fabric on top of the navy, but when I decided to frame in this manner, I had cut too much of the striped fabric away for it to work! Lesson learned – always plan ahead into framing if possible!

Pattern here from Mary Corbett’s Needle ‘N Thread – a great resource for hand embroidery.

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  1. StarryGift | Wedding gifts and collectibles of Chinese and Western styles…

    Nice post. Thanks for sharing….


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