Bogged Down

Sometimes I get bogged down in finishing a project.

The most recent one I have done is for a gift. And when it’s a gift, well – I don’t want to mess it up. Add to that the time and effort put into it, and you definitely don’t want to blow it on the finishing.

On this particular project, I finished the embroidery before we went to Panama City. Looked for a frame before we left, but found nothing I liked; thought “oh well, it will hold”.

Had an idea during the trip to mount it on an art canvas (I had a blank one anyway from a planned-yet-never-executed prior project). Brilliant! I think. Unfortunately, I discovered that I had cut too small a section of fabric, to fit the canvas…which meant stitching the original project onto a second piece of fabric.

Finally, after putting it off, THAT part is done. Now on to the actual mounting, which is a whole ‘nother issue.

Anyway, so explains the lack of pics and posts. I’m in finishing limbo. I have completed embroidery on a bookmark, and finally figured out the second one I will do – once they’re both stitched I’ll attach those to felt – gifts for my younger cousins.

Then I will FINALLY do this awesome badbird pattern. For me.


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