Lessons Learned from the Beach

Panama City 2009

So, we’re back from Panama City Beach. Rolled back in Monday night, to be exact. Lessons learned:

1. Visiting family at the halfway point (Montgomery) was a very good idea. Boys loved playing with their (second) cousins!
2. I hit the party section at Hobby Lobby and did not regret it. Pinwheels and kaleidoscopes were VERY inexpensive and kept the boys occupied for a bit. This was good, since Dothan, AL has about 25 red lights, and we hit them all.
3. Panama City was a great place to take kids. I was a little concerned due to its spring break “party” rep, but where we stayed (off Thomas Dr.) was quiet at night. If you want the party action, stay at one of the big hotels on Front Beach Dr., but for us, the little local two-story hotel was just right. There’s lots to do for the kids – putt putt golf, go-carts (BIG HIT with mine), family-friendly dining (Sharky’s gets a thumbs-up, while Hammerhead Fred’s gets a “Meh”). We didn’t hit Gulf World, which looked like fun.
4. Sand Castles never get old. Neither does looking for shells. The funky algae in the water was kinda gross though.
5. Bringing some projects with me to work on “at night while the boys are asleep” was a big wash. My boys, despite playing hard all day, would NOT go to bed! And we were wiped out too, so I didn’t actually do any embroidery during the trip, except for starting a cross-stitch kit in the car on the long ride home.

We had a blast, but it’s great to be home. Now time to prep for the Bear’s birthday this weekend, and school registration is Monday – Monkey starts kindergarten!


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