OK, I admit my problem…

I am a little fabric obsessed. It all started with this:

Fabric in a Vase

Just shy of seven years ago when BHE and I were married, I got this vase, and filled it with fabric remnants inherited from my grandmother in 1999. Meemaw was a quilter – you don’t want to know how many times since her death I wished I had paid attention! Hindsight, huh?

Anyway, I inherited these remnants thinking I would teach myself to quilt, but considering my lack of sewing machine skills, and no quiltin’ mentor, it hasn’t happened. Fast forward seven years later, and I’m hooked on embroidery. I have an excuse for my addiction! Now I am a remnant-buying fool!

Well, gotta go. I have to purchase stock in Hobby Lobby. I have a feeling that business is booming for them.


One response to this post.

  1. There’s no hope for you now-LOL_ you’ll be here with the rest of us-stealthily bringing in fabric purchases, desperately trying to keep up with the fabric stash. I’ve just started with a machine. My ideas were getting bigger and bigger so i couldn’t really frame them, and then the whole art quilt thing seemed so useful for the support that you get from batting. But i don’t really think of myself as a quilter’s quilter. i’m not into piecing little pieces! anyway, i couldn’t spend a fortune on a machine and i wasn’t sure how i would take to it. you can find great machines on ebay. i got a little-really little- janome on ebay, but they have other machines too. i got a great deal on it. just get one that’s quilter friendly cause they seem easier to use. check it out.


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