Sunday Daffodil

I’m supposed to be working on pillowcases for the boys, from the Aunt Martha “Road Rage” pattern. But after completing work on a major project – a fun one, but one that took a lot of effort – I was looking for something easy. Also, I wanted to try some new things: I wanted to make my own design, and I wanted to try tracing it onto tissue paper and sewing directly through that. I’m pretty pleased with the result. Voila:

Sunday Daffodil

The swirlies are palestrina stitch, something recommended to me in a flickr forum. It was easier than I thought – if you’re interested in palestrina, here’s a good tutorial. The floral fabric and the sheer overlay were some that my mom purchased at Walmart back in the 80s that she never used. I liked the floral effect but it was too much alone; I liked the effect of the sheer fabric over that. Other photos of this on flickr here and here.

Now, where to put it?

ETA: Here’s another great tutorial on palestrina from Sue Tortoise.


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