Bird on My Old Pink Shirt – Step One

So, I have this old pink shirt. It’s a shirt my mother bought for me as I was entering the professional world nine years ago (aka the “you can’t wear your college clothes to your new job wardrobe upgrade”).

Anyway, it was fine while it lasted, but now that shirt has been relegated to grocery store runs, going to the library, and hanging around the house. It’s still in good shape, but it’s no longer something I want to wear all that often.

So it’s time for an upgrade:

Bird In Progress

You can see the shirt beside what I used for tracing. It’s not 100%, but I am OK with that. Beauty of using the old shirt is – if it works, I just jazzed up an old shirt! If not, really, with this old shirt there’s no harm, no foul. I need to buy a little bit more floss to get this started – I need a brown for the branch detail on here. I think I can use some leftover thread from the kit projects for the flower and star bits. He’s going to be blue, and legs/mouth will be orange (again, I might have enough leftover thread). I will be using mainly stem stitches for the birdie, with a little backstitching on some parts.

I’m pretty excited about this project. It’s my first one going solo, without a guide like the kits, and I hope this turns out. I will post the results once this is done.


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