Peanut Butter Withdrawals

Have you read the latest on this peanut butter/salmonella fiasco?

We in la casa Awesome Avenue have not taken this peanut butter thing lightly. At first, I didn’t think much of it – it was just commercial (restaurant) peanut butter. Then they started pulling cookies, etc…Yes, I know they have not recalled peanut butter, but with recalls seeming to come in daily, I can’t take any chances. Since the recalls began, we have not eaten a bite of PB in this house. Apparently, I am not alone in this decision.

I don’t know if you understand how monumental this is.

We are a peanut butter family, ya’ll. Pre-salmonella outbreak, every morning I ate a mini wheat bagel topped with peanut butter. Monkey ate peanut butter sandwiches almost daily. Now, zip…zilch…nada…it’s gone. We’re substituting nutella for the boys. I tried soy nut butter, which is pricier than peanut butter but the cheapest of the alternatives. While I like the soy nut butter, Monkey gave it a thumbs down. It does have a grainier texture than PB, and I guess for him it’s not the same. I’ve contemplated making my own PB. I googled, and surprisingly, it doesn’t look that hard!

I will say that this peanut butter recall is pretty scary. For myself, I don’t worry so much – I’ve always had a pretty strong immune system, and before I had kids I would not have given this much thought. But with two young ones in the house, I worry about what they are eating. And this is largely out of my control. What’s a mom to do?

I’ve been betrayed by peanut butter.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I completely understand your dilemma. I’ve been eating PB that I bought after all the fuss started and it’s just fine. Guess there’s no way to tell what will be ok and what won’t. Sigh.


  2. […] I eat it several times a week too. If you’re familiar with this blog, you probably know that I’ve blogged about this before back during the peanut scare of […]


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