An Open Letter to President-Elect Barack Obama

This morning when Monkey woke up I told him that the man he picked to be president won.

Realize my 4 year-old picked you on a whim yesterday based on your appearance. So congrats on that.

I chose to break my two-presidential-election streak of third party voting (Nader, who has clearly gone cuckoo) to vote for you based on a lot more than Monkey – though I hope he has a good eye for character). Though it wasn’t a whole-hearted “Yay! I am votin’ Obama” vote like it has been for some, because I’m jaded. I chose you over McCain quite easily, because quite frankly the man scares me, with the Bomb Bomb Iran (sorry, not funny) and the “100 Years in Iraq” and Palin not knowing that Africa is a continent (thinks it’s a whole country, for reals). So take it as much as a vote against McCain as for you.

But Sen. (President-Elect) Obama, as someone who voted for you and watched history be made last night, I make one request:

Bring It.

A message of hope brought you to victory, and as such, you’re going in with a lot of expectations. Many think you’re the Messiah, while others think you’re the Anti-Christ. The Messiah camp thinks you will be the BEST PRESIDENT EVER, while the Anti-Christ contigent thinks the apocalypse is nigh and thinks, if we’re lucky, you won’t make it past four years. Some I know who voted for you think you will be a one-termer.

So Bring It.

Surround yourself with good people. Let the healthcare thing go, at least for a while (frankly, I’m not on board with your plan there) and help the market to correct itself. Get us out of freaking Iraq in a responsible manner. Fix what Bush broke.

Congratulations, and best of luck to you. W left you quite a mess. I know I would not want to be in your shoes.


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