Women and Men

So last Friday I get a phone call. It’s BHE.

BHE: Well, I weighed myself at the doctor. I’ve lost 15 pounds.

Me: That’s awesome. Since when?

BHE (doing math in head): About a month ago?

Yes, in about a month he’s done what I could never do (at least, not in that INSANE amount of time) – lost 15 pounds. Kinda put a bummer on my 8 pounds in a year.

Now, am I ecstatic for BHE? Ab-so-lute-ly. We both want/need to lose weight and I definitely want BHE healthy. Honestly, he already had a head start – he is much better at working out than I am. So how did this amazing feat of weight loss occur?

He cut out the junk.

BHE, in the office, is exposed to all manner of refined-carb-laden sugary mess, in addition to meals out at the local fast food joints from time to time. One of the benefits I have from being home with the boys and not doing the 8-to-5 thing is I am not around the junk food that is often a part of office life. No candy laying around the house (except now, in our post Halloween daze). Very rarely eating out. I don’t really buy the boys cookies that often, and even if I do, I tend to leave them alone. I eat pretty well. I watch my portions, especially now, and we rarely drink alcohol.

My 8 pounds in a year to his 15 pounds in a month. Men.

Since we’re talking health and food – anyone else love allrecipes.com? I love that site! It’s great pics of (some of) the recipe results, reviews, nutritional information for all the recipes. Plus I love the navigability of the site. Don’t like your first result? Allrecipes.com supplies similar recipes in the sidebar. Highly addictive.

All this has really helped with my meal planning, resulting in a much-less-stressful grocery experience with the boys. This week I am making “Smarter” Fettuccine Alfredo (adding in chicken, mushrooms, and broccoli to the basic recipe supplied), Lentils & Spinach (over brown rice), and I am making my own wrap creation using turkey, carrots, sprouts, and a salsa dressing. I will try to blog the results this week; any cooking tonight was deterred by tonight’s power outage (thanks CEMC). PB&J for me, cereal for BHE, cheese, pretzels and peaches for the boys. Oh well – sometimes it’s good to keep things simple.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Mandy on November 5, 2008 at 8:38 am

    Oh do I feel your pain. It would take me 3 months to lose 5 lbs and Dan could lose it in 2 days. It’s insane (and unfair!).

    And I agree, I love allrecipes.com too! I often need inspiration, as I’m not a natural cook at all, and that’s a great site.


  2. Posted by Cindy on November 6, 2008 at 9:07 am

    When I was pregnant and gaining, James lost 20 lbs by just cutting out sweat tea! Totally unfair.

    I need to checkout allrecipes.com. I have no imagination when it comes to cooking. Last night we had sloppy joes, how exciting.


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