Promised Spanish Links

Sorry, dear blog. I am not ignoring you on purpose, but there’s a lot of life going on here. I’m hanging with the boys (this week, Monkey got croup); still working; teaching Spanish; attending soccer games and (sometimes) practices; trying to read (just finished Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle) and keep my brain alive via crosswords…then there’s the photography that I love…so blog, there’s not a lot of room for writing. I’ll try harder, promise.

Anyway, I am still teaching Spanish without a curriculum to preK all the way up through 5th grade. So, in case you find yourself in my position and find yourself teaching and coming up with your own material, I present you with linkage:

This week we’re covering opposites (opuestos). I made my own vocabulary sheet in PowerPoint using clipart, found some songs to sing with PreK and kindergarten (and made a sheet for that), AND in all classes we’re going to play “Simon Says”….aka “Simon Dice” to reinforce the concepts.


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