Summer Beauty

OK, I have been a blog slacker. So sorry to the two of you who read this. But I have taken a slew of pictures and I’m sharing:

Life on the Sunflower, Backlit

One of the best things we did this summer was to plant flowers.

We did it for the boys, especially for the Monkey since he loves science and green things and seeing how things work, so seeing a seed turn into a plant and then to bloom was a nice educational treat for him. And believe me, the beauties I photographed are BIG ya’ll.

We planted sunflowers (three varieties, I think), zinnias, marigolds, poppies and asters (all have bloomed but the asters). BHE also bought a hibiscus for me for Mother’s Day (fully grown, not from a seed) – Monkey helped choose that one. Throughout the summer I have seen all manner of butterflies and moths, bees, bumblebees, and hummingbirds. Our backyard might not be landscaped in the traditional sense, but I think it’s beautiful. And it has been such a pleasure to photograph. If you’re going to garden for photography, definitely go with the sunflowers and larger wildflowers. Zinnias work rather well too, and I can’t say enough about the hibiscus – don’t know how well it’s going to do inside this winter, but it’s gorgeous.

And gardening for kids? Again, you can’t beat the sunflowers – they get HUGE! And the marigolds have been hearty, prolific, and have a nice variety of color.


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  1. Emily, that is an AMAZING photo! And how cool that your boys love nature!


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