Fun with Search Terms

Just for kicks, these are how people have run across this lil’ old blog over the last two days:

  • Speed Racer Cake (all variants of this term) – 49. My pic of the cake on flickr has over 1,200 views. MADNESS!
  • “green cleaning” “kitchen floor” – vinegar, my friends. So cheap, so non-toxic.
  • crested gecko looking straight at light – can’t help you there. The gecko’s nocturnal though, so that’s gotta seriously mess with his head. We just leave the heat pad on at night, and use the lamp during the day when he’s hiding and sleeping.
  • how do avenue clothes fit? – I don’t know, how do they fit?
  • religious wrapping paper – I haven’t found any, but you might want to consult Texas in Africa who seems to have vast knowledge of religious novelty items.
  • free piano sheet music bizmarkie – flippin’ awesome, my friend.
  • teaching preschoolers about nadab and abihu – I get this from time to time. Best of luck, dear googler. Which reminds me, they’re recruiting Sunday School teachers for the next year at my church, and my poor sister-in-law STILL has not recovered from teaching preschoolers two quarters in a row. As for myself, I think I am ready to assist in a class with older kids – no more teaching my boys!
  • feeling good about myself – you go, googler!

One response to this post.

  1. I searched for esl teaching and was led here. Very candid blog nevertheless! Best wishes!


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