Accentuate the Positive

I say the above not so much as advice to you, my dear reader (how many of you are there, anyway? Two?), but as advice to myself.

Today was one of those days with the boys. You say up, they say down. You say “Please don’t dump out all the crayons”, they look you straight in the eye and…dump out all the crayons. Especially Monkey, ‘cuz he’s four and has ‘tude.

Stuff that separately isn’t so much a big deal, but wears you down as it goes on through the day.

I was thinking, as I was stewing about the day, about how I rarely remember the “bad days” but can easily recall good moments. The good moments not only outweigh the bad ones in value, but also in quantity. I have good kids. They say “Thank you” generally without prompting – even almost-2 year old Bear! They give out hugs and kisses like you wouldn’t believe, and it’s so heartwarming to watch them bond as brothers, and watch as they laugh and giggle and jump and play (and roughhouse)  their way through boyhood.

I’m very blessed, and should remember it more often. Right now they’re sleeping like angels, in the room they’ll share more often as time passes, and tomorrow will be a new day.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Angelle on June 18, 2008 at 5:37 am

    You are so right about that. When you get past that difficult moment, it is forgotten. Thank goodness, right?


  2. Right now, with my girls spending a few weeks in TN with my parents, all I can remember are the good, fun, happy times we have. It makes me miss them. I KNOW there are times when all they do is bicker with each other and times I want to go lock myself away from them. But as of this moment, I cannot actually recall any specific ‘bad moment’ but I can sure recall a ton of good ones.

    Is that a picture of a new pet gecko over on the side bar?


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