Meet Elvis.

So today was the day…the day Monkey got his gecko.

A crested gecko, to be specific. We prepared last Thursday, by hitting Petco in Hendersonville and getting the setup together. Here’s a pic if you want to see. BHE gets pretty much all the credit for setting this up.

After church and lunch today, we called Aquatic Critter, as we wanted to go with a reputable reptile dealer and we’ve seen their store and they seem to know what they’re doing. If you ever have some free time, go and check them out on Nolensville Road – it’s quite a sight. Unfortunately for us, they did not have crested geckos today (well, they had two very expensive adults). So we stopped by Superpetz and Petsmart, both in Rivergate – neither had crested geckos, and honestly, I was a bit OK with that as I wanted to “go local” with a good dealer for our first reptile acquisition.

So we called Emerald Bay in Bellevue – quite the haul for us, but lo and behold they had TWO flame crested geckos. After getting lost on the way down there (we discovered that Old Hickory on the north side dead ends into the Cumberland River, taking us at least 30 minutes out of our way), we finally found it. It’s a smaller store than Aquatic Critter, but the reptile selection is pretty good (if you’re going for the fish though, Aquatic Critter has a lot more selection and for us the distance is about the same). We had a good buying experience and brought our new little guy home – meet Elvis:

Meet Elvis

He’s all settled in. We haven’t really handled him as that’s not recommended for the first three days. We did feed him crickets (gag) tonight and that was hilarious. He snapped them right up. We do need to figure out a better cricket delivery system because I am not holding crickets and I think BHE’s system is the hard way – I’m off to do some research on a better cricket setup.


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  1. Tweezers. Big, plastic tweezers. Or the plastic, tweezer-style chopsticks they give kids at Pei Wei. Ew.

    Great name, though! 🙂


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