Enjoy the Outdoors

Ya’ll, about this time of year one of my favorite things to do, after the kiddos are in bed, is to sit outside with BHE and just talk and stare at the stars and listen to music. It’s peaceful and quiet and just a wonderful way to unwind together.

We also spend a lot more time outside during the day, playing with the kids and the dogs and tending to our tomato plants (boy, do I hope those babies produce some keepers this year – I am CRAVIN’ a good tomato sandwich), herb plants (got a basil plant and Italian parsley – LOVE readily available fresh herbs), and flowers (the zinnias are growing well – we put them in a big pot though instead of bothering with a bed).

Anyway, with all this outdoor time, at some point we need to invest in some decent patio furniture. And when we do, we’ll have to visit Cushions and Umbrellas. Cushions and Umbrellas is a small, family owned business in Pembroke Pines , Florida, which specializes in selling patio umbrellas and patio cushions online. They offer a wide variety of patio umbrellas to keep you shaded and cool, and the patio cushions look quite comfy. They also offer a number of fabric options to dress up your backyard and/or patio – you don’t have to settle for garden-variety green or blue (but if you like that, they included those popular styles too).

In regards to pricing, Cushions and Umbrellas “represents the best possible discounts available”, but from now until the end of May they will take it one step further – readers here at On Awesome Avenue qualify for a 10% discount! Just use code AA2008 when you place your order.

Enjoy the outdoors this spring, summer, and fall!

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