I heart vinegar.

BHE and I have recently taken to using vinegar for a lot of our cleaning needs. Need to clean your carpets? Half vinegar, half water versus buying the solution that the Rug Doctor recommends – the floors look just as clean, if not cleaner, it’s cheaper, and there’s no nasty chemical mess. And our kitchen floors have never looked better since switching from your standard, chemical-laden mopping solution to vinegar.

It made me ponder – if vinegar is cheaper, cleans as effectively (if not better), and is friendlier to our bodies (and additionally to the environment) than using that chemical junk – how did we get this way? What happened over the last 25 or 50 years to progress us to this state of affairs? Are marketers that effective at their jobs that they could guilt all the moms of America into chemical cleaners?

Anyway, a couple of vinegar-related links:

Vinegar Tips – 1001 uses; it’s no joke that you can pretty much do anything with vinegar

Surprising Cleaners – this not only details vinegar, but baking soda and a few other natural ways to clean.


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  1. Glad to hear vinegar is working so well for you! It’s part of my new commitment to healthy/natural/cheap cleaning that won’t harm.
    Tip: I put lavendar essential oil in water in a spray bottle and spray my pillowcases and sheets every night before bed – it’s naturally calming and smells GREAT!


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