The Green Thumb Gene Passed Me but I’ll Try Anyway

OK, if you’re wanting to do a little gardening this spring, this is fabulous (mine is significantly smaller and was only a couple of bucks from Walmart, but it’s the same thing). On Friday, Monkey and I started with seeds; today we have this:

New Life

Aren’t they cute? I am just ecstatic because I apparently lack the “green thumb” gene possessed by my Dad, brother and cousin. Actually, right now we have rather lofty (for us) landscaping plans. I have seeds for an ornamental bean vine from my mom that I’d like to plant in the corner of our fence – this corner would be a flower bed. I’d also like to plant some herbs this year – basil and parsley at least, maybe some rosemary per Mom’s recommendation and some chives. Monkey wants an apple tree – I’m lobbying for Granny Smith.

Monkey loves planting things, and just learning about plants and animals and nature period. We also planted some zinnia seeds outside in a pot (we had too many seeds for our Jiffy greenhouse, and rather than waste them I put them in some dirt – call it an experiment if you will – that’s what Monkey and I are calling it). Unfortunately, I did not Bear-proof the pot and he knocked it over this morning while I was trying the get more shots of that redbird that hangs around our house (I’m fairly sure that he and his lady friend have a nest in the brush behind our house). Bear knocked every bit of dirt out. I found several seedlings that had burst from the seed but not made nearly as much progress as our Jiffy seeds. Monkey was elated to see a worm in the pot, because “that worm sure does like dirt!”. He held the seedlings while I scooped as much dirt as possible back into the pot – we’re hoping they made it through the Bear attack. The pot is now outside the fence, which will offer it a little more protection from the Bear.

Lil’ stinker.


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  1. I like to throw in the completely random link once in a while 🙂
    Nice blog.


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