So, global warming…


I should go to bed but since I’m actually inspired to write now I’m going to roll with it.

While browsing my bloggy links, I found (via Nashville is Talking – I’m too lazy to link, so look to your right) a post or two on global waming – you know, the “global warming is some big, bad, nasty commie hoax” type of viewpoint.

Now, I’m no scientist – my last science class was AP Biology my senior year of high school, back in 1996 (but, I should add, I did score a 4 of 5 on that AP exam) – but the global warming thing makes sense to me. If we’re pumping chemicals and Lord knows what else into our air – stuff that God never intended to be there – I don’t know, but it seems that the effects would take a toll.

If you don’t buy global warming, fine. But a lot of the anti-global warming crowd seem to think the whole “clean up the air, take care of the Earth” thing is wrong. What’s the harm in cleaning up house, guys? Seriously. Do you want to turn your neighborhood into a landfill? No? Then recycle your plastics, your newspapers – it doesn’t take a lot of time, heck, some of you people probably have a recycling pickup as part of your trash pickup and just don’t take advantage of it! And it doesn’t even have to be expensive to be a little green – my husband last mopped our floors with a vinegar solution vs. going to the store and getting your chemical-laden mop mix – we both swear our kitchen floor has never looked so good, and it’s cheaper to boot!

Anyway, rant over. Happy Belated Earth Day, ya’ll.

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  1. Posted by mick on April 21, 2008 at 11:07 am

    I’m fine with national parks and littering laws and such. But I’m not gonna turn in my car because its causing the apocalypse.


  2. Global warming could lead to higher rates of skin cancer by amplifying the harmful effects of the sun’s rays, scientists said.

    New evidence suggests that the same amount of sunshine becomes more likely to trigger cancer as temperature rises.


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